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Good to know, our generation is concerned about art & craft! The “Newcastles of the World”, a International biennial forum, is about to take place in Newcastle-upon-Tyne this year, where local mat-makers are designing a global rug for the event.  It’s such a traditional craft to make a mat which was woven for the first time into the history of the North East of England.

Karen Walker, Sheila Wilson and Maureen Leslie are three of the woodhorn matters who are really passionate about ensuring that creating the “proggy” or “clippy” craft doesn’t fade or die out.

Karen Walker said, “The Matters’ first proggies were created in the Woodhorn Colliery Museum in 1993, and when it closed for refurbishment, we moved to where we are now in the Methodist Church in Morpeth.”

Afzul Rehman South Africa

They all three are very excited and determined to introduce younger members to the craft as Sheila Wilson once stated, “There are 24 in the steadily growing group and we meet on Sundays and Wednesdays there, but we’re always keen to introduce new and younger members to the craft.”

“The tools we use are fashioned from some fascinating sources”, she also added.

“Traditionally, they would have been made from commonly found items such as old rivets from the shipyards, or keys, handles and even bone and ebony.

“Each craftsperson would have their own choice and often with their own name or initials engraved on them”, She stated.

“This was a craft born out of necessity,” she said, “mineworkers, shipyard workers and farmers would have floors of beaten earth or flagstones – these mats were essential.

“But now, it’s developed from a poor working class essential to a flourishing craft.”

Global proggy

So it was a very delighted moment When the Councillor David Faulkner approached the woodhorn matters to accoumied with the “Newcastles of the World ” summit meeting that year, which runs till Thursday.

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“We decided to involve Woodhorn Matters to demonstrate a traditional North East craft and also to involve the delegates with something while they were here.” said Mr. Faulkner and “All the delegates will be adding their own stitches to the proggy as it gradually evolves, depicting different types of castle turrets around the globe.

He then added in his statement, “It’ll go on display here and then into the Cathedral and eventually travel to other Newcastles around the world.”

“This is just part of the commitment of the delegates. I would like them all to leave at the end of the week committing to supporting each other in tourism and marketing,” he continued.

Putting his views forward, he also added, “We all would like the use of social media to help the Newcastles around the world who perhaps can not afford to send delegates.”

John Nicolaou, a former Newcastle resident, had initiated The Newcastles of the World summit. With full of his compassion & determination, it was held for the first time in Shinshiro, Japan, 1989.

This year, 75 international delegates had accompanied together out of them 15 delegates were youth.

South Africa also hosted the last forum in 2010. The Councillor, Mr. Afzul Rehman, who is the Mayor of Newcastle in KwaZulu Natal, is actually considering what must be achieved further. His concern really comes up with his statement which really shows up his dedication.

He said, “We’ve been talking since the late 90s, but I’m keen we see this all go to a new different level.” He also added, “There needs to be a real power that says ‘we can really do business among each other.”

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