Why Women Wear Jewellery for so Many Years

Since ages women have decorated themselves with a normal life or an elegant one but jewellery has been a must for them. It is more than just some material which is costly, and more than something to make them feel pretty. It is a statement which every woman wears with pride. Throughout the centuries and from culture to culture, materials considered rare and beautiful ranged from shells, bones, pebbles, tusks, claws and wood to so-called precious metals, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, corals, enamels, glass pastes and ceramics.

In some epochs, the artisans have sometimes placed less emphasis on the intrinsic value of materials than on their aesthetic function as elements of the overall effect. Therefore, they can make a brooch of steel or plastic, and not of gold or platinum. Moreover, in addition to its decorative function, Jewellery has also been worn for much of its history as a sign of social rank – forbidden by rich laws to all but the ruling classes – and as a talisman to prevent evil and bring good luck.

Women Wear Jewellery

Common kinds of women jewellery

Follow these tips for buying women Jewellery with a guide to the kinds of jewellery that’s there and you’ll find the right kind.

A ring is usually made of metal and is worn as decorative Jewellery. The term “ring” is usually used to refer to rings, but they can also be worn in other ways. Rings have become a huge part of many rituals such as engagements and weddings around the world. They can be made of any hard material such as glass, gemstone, plastic, wood, stone or bone. Rings have always been used as a display ofwealth and are still believed to have supernatural or spiritual significance in various segments of the world.

Earrings are the most popular Jewellery around the world. They are mainly attached to the earlobe by piercing, but are also attached to other parts of the ear such as helix, industrial, rook, daith, conch, snug and many more. They have been used in various civilizations throughout history, and the most famous were worn by the Minoan civilization. They come in all kinds of designs such as studs, drops, hoops, dangling, barbells, ear threads, ear studs, and cozy earrings.

The necklace is decorative Jewellery worn around the neck. The oldest forms of necklaces have been discovered, dating back to prehistoric times, when they were made of bone, shells, feathers and plant materials. They have traditionally served as funeral, magical, religious, and ceremonial purposes at all times and have often been used as symbols of status and wealth. They come with amulets, crosses, medallions, pendants, gemstones and many other accessories.

Uncommon kinds of women jewellery

Anklets or Leg bracelets have been worn by women for decades in India, where they are known as ‘payal’. They are of great importance in culture, so they are used during Indian weddings and combined with saris. They have also been documented in the Egyptian civilization where women wore them in pre-dynastic times. In Western popular culture, they are usually made of leather and even have formal patterns. They are also equipped with small bells that make a pleasant noise when walking.

Hairpins were considered luxury items in Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations. They can be made of carved wood, bronze, metal and many other materials. They became very popular after 1901 when Ernest Godward invented the spiral hair clip. They are used to combine intricate hairstyles and can be entrusted with ornaments and gems. Modern versions are usually made with different lengths of wires for both ear wires  and cuffs , ans nose ring jewelry.

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