Which is Top 5 best washing machine brand in India

When we step out of our house, we are faced with many number of options out there for electronic appliances. With these many choices it is very difficult to select a brand and buy one. This will be aggravated with bigger appliances like washing machines. It requires a lot of research and your requirements together to decide on a brand and go for it. Also, some might be looking for top load type and others with front load option. Whatever might be your choice, in today’s article, we will be listing you the top 5 washing machine brands in India. So, go ahead and read through to know the brands.

When we say the name washing machine, Samsung is the first brand that comes to our mind. It gives the appliances both quality and reliability. They upgrade the features day-to-day and use latest technology which answers the customers needs perfectly.

Whirlpool is yet another most trusted brands in India for washing machines. It is an American brand and is globally recognized for many years with their washing machines. They regularly innovate new things for their brand always keeping in competition. The new features also help customers for various needs that they require. These days customers are asking for quicker wash yet cleaner and gentler clothes which is a difficult task to establish. Some of the latest features that we can talk about whirlpool is their gentle tumbling wash, Load detection using sensors and water jet wash.

We all know about the famous brand LG which is quite popular among home appliances. It is still a giant in washing machine sector. They are known for their quality and excellent performance. These are what customers look at. It also innovates new features with new technologies adding in many modes for the convenience of its customers. They have a lot many varieties in top load, front load, semi-automatic and fully automatic types.

Godrej is one the popular brands in India for its number of innovating appliances. One of them is washing machine. It is especially known for the inclined drum front load washing machine. They offer all kinds of features in both top load and front load too. It mainly became popular for its front load due to its unique direct drive technology. This technology helps for an efficient wash and has minimal noise which is exactly what the consumers expect. In addition to that, the U-Sonic stain remover helps to remove even the stubborn stains on clothes.

Videocon is the first company that has introduced top load washing machines in India which use direct drive technology. Their rates are comparatively less than other brands and they have wide varieties of front load, top load and semi-automatic washing machines. Usually, the after sales service is also important for any appliance that you purchase. Videocon’s service tops the list in India.

In short, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Godrej and Videocon are the top-notch brands for washing machines in India.

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