What Is the Difference Between a Band Saw and A Scroll Saw?

When there are several types of saws in the market, woodworkers can easily get confused while deciding the right saw for their projects. Usually, many people doubt between a band saw and scroll saw. Although they have some similarities, they are not the same. You will need to know the differences between these two saws before making a choice.

Band Saw

Band saws are usually larger than scroll saws. They have a blade band that rotates continuously in one direction for cutting the workpieces. These are versatile and can be used for making various cuts. These saws are powerful and ideal for cutting wood as well as metal materials. The blades of band saws are thicker, reliable, and can cut faster. However, band saws producelittle rough cuts than scroll saws.With a band saw, you can cut thick wood pieces, which is not ideal for the scroll saw.

Band Saw

Both the angled and straight cuts can be made using band saws. They are more powerful and ideal for furniture making applications. Band saws allow you to cut long pieces of wood because they are open from both sides. While using a band saw, you can change the blade as per your job.

Because this is a powerful tool, it is dangerous compared to scroll saws. Therefore, you need to wear safety goggles and be careful about your hand movement while using the saw. Band saws are expensive compared to scroll saws.

Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are smaller compared to band saws. They look like a sewing machine and have a small blade for operation. Unlike band saws, the blade of a scroll saw moves up and down for cutting the workpiece. Although there are several blade options for choosing, they are not versatile compared to other saws. The main function of a scroll saw is to make intricate cuts. For making designs as a jigsaw does, you can use a scroll saw. They have a foot pedal to allow you to operate the machine with ease. Also, they can be operated with electricity.

With a scroll saw, you can make various cuts like angled, straight, and round as per your needs.Another unique thing about the scroll saw is that it can cut different designs in the center of the workpiece. Therefore, these saws are widely used for making delicate designs.

Scroll saws are usually safe compared to band saws because they are not powerful.The foot pedal allows the user to operate the machine easily. Also, it is easy to keep the hands away from the blades while working with a scroll saw. Scroll saws are low priced than band saws.


If you work with heavier and thicker materials and want faster cutting results, then you can consider using a band saw. But if you are doing some designing or detailing job, then scroll saw is the right choice for you. However, both the saws are the best in their way of working, and you may need both the saws in some projects.

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