What are the Best-Selling Guitars?

The guitar is the most popular and widely renowned musical instrument. Guitars come in various styles and owing to brands. Let us discuss in detail about the best-selling guitars in the market.

Fender Stratocaster 

This is an electric guitar mostly known as Strat designed from one of the best manufactures of the industry. It is designed as a double-way cut body with extended horns. The neck is made of maple with six tuning pegs. The front body is designed to route for electronics and has 21 frets. There are few changes in the design and features over the models, but there are no major changes compared to the present style. A Fender Stratocaster weighs around 3 to 3.8 kg.

Cort Guitars

Gibson Les Paul

This guitar is an electric guitar that was manufactured by Gibson Guitar Corporation and known for its heaviness. It is designed with a solid mahogany body that has two pickups with tone and volume controls. A Gibson Les Paul weighs about 4-5.5 kg and has 22 frets and 6 strings. It is heavy due to the thickness of the wood. Though it is heavy to hold and play, many guitarists choose this guitar for its signature tones. Due to its versatility, these guitars can be used for rock, pop, rhythm, jazz, blues, and many more.

Fender Telecaster

This Fender electric guitar is the first commercially successful guitar. It is designed with a single-cutaway body and weighs about 3-3.6 kg. It has 21 frets and has 6 strings. The scale length of the guitar is 25.5 inches. This is a versatile guitar that can be used for many styles of music like country, rock, pop, soul, blues, folk, jazz, and many more. There were minor changes over the past years in design. The guitar is designed in such a way that it can play as loud as a lead instrument.

Gibson SG

This guitar is very comfortable to use, and it does not have much low end like Les Paul. You can always adjust and control the tone settings. It is slim and light-weighted guitar, about 2.7 kg. It is made up of mahogany body but thinner compared to Les Paul. Often this style is copied by other manufactures for its style and comfort in playing.

Ibanez Guitar

This guitar offers one of the best superstrat styles in the music industry. The deep cutaway, extended fret range, flatter fingerboard has made this style as popular for metal and rock music. It is built with excellent functionality and craftsmanship. It is economical and good quality and sound. The updated version has nine strings to play. It weighs about 3.4-3.8 kg. They feature in basswood body and maple neck.


Yamaha is a renowned brand in the musical instruments for its reed organ and piano. Currently, the company has marked its brand in other musical instruments such as pianos, drums, guitars, and many more.

They stand out in the market for their incredible experience without any external amplification or any effects. It is very easy to hold and play and best for a beginner or a learner. Usually, it weighs about 2.40 kg with 6 strings

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