Muhammad Ali Lakhani – Biography of Shipping Business in Dubai

Muhammad Ali Lakhani is a proud son of Mr. Tahir Lakhani and possesses a RYA Level 2 Captain’s License. He was born and brought up in Dubai and spent a major part of his early years in countries like the UAE, United Kingdom, and the USA.

Early days and Tennis career

Muhammad Ali LakhaniSame as his father, Ali also acquired some extraordinary skills in Tennis during his initial years. His dad paid special attention to his ability and potential in the game and motivated him to capitalize on the same for future. From that point on, Mr. Ali Lakhani proceeded with a rigorous training routine to polish his tennis skills. Doing that, he additionally continued with the required focus and attention towards his studies.

Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani played tennis for UAE National Team and intended to take his game to the next level. He at that point moved to the USA to accomplish the required training at Saddlebrook Tennis Academy in Florida. Shockingly, he met with an accident and was forced to bid adieu to his tennis career midways.

Because of his injury, Mr. Ali Lakhani then chose to begin his career in the shipping business. Going a similar way, he at that point moved to the UK and finished his bachelor’s degree from Maritime Business and Law.

Marking his first step into the Shipping business

Subsequent to completing his graduation, he considered picking up the necessary experience with the corporate world so chose to stay back in London while looking for potential career options with different global firms. After gaining the required experience in London, he then got back to the UAE and worked thoroughly to make his space in the shipping business for the past 7 years.

Even as he came from a highly recognized family, Mr. Muhammad Ali Lakhani never considered going the easy method to accomplish his career objectives. All things considered, he selected to work for random MNCs and numerous global associations to achieve specialization and experience in a similar industry. Still, he didn’t stop here and proceeded to look for his interest in the Information technology domain.

Discussing his large interest towards Information technology, Mr. Ali Lakhani discovered his profound interest in automated aerial vehicles. He is presently working towards turning his interest into a full fledged career option.

Currently, he wish and hope to provide high end drone solutions across the UAE’s ports with different service verticals, going from aerial environmental & security surveillance to drone delivery services.

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