Malik Riaz Hussain Chairman of Bahria Town in Pakistan Biography Details

Malik Riaz has set up an example for people to come forward and implement socially responsible and sustainable programs to reduce economic disparity. His idea of mutual prosperity has touched the lives and hearts of masses and has infused a hope for a “New Pakistan” for better and prosperous future.

“If my people are out of food, out of houses, I cannot sleep.” These are the great words of multi-billionaire business mogul Malik Riaz who is also one of the most renowned philanthropists around the country. Apart from being the chairman and the founder of the Bahria Town, which is Asia’s largest private real estate development, he is also a social visionary who firmly believes in bringing all the social welfare projects as the core motive of all of his projects. He is always there upfront for his countrymen at the time of any kind of natural calamities, unfortunate incidents and social challenges.

We can surely accredit this to his gold hearted approach towards the same where he has dedicated an entire department along with a big number of people for all the charitable and social projects handled by his organization. He also ensures his direct involvement in the same course with the sole motive of sharing his fortunes with those who couldn’t afford the basic needs in their lives. His constant charitable acts and efforts in the direction of maintaining a favorable economical balance and harmony around has also won him great accolades and awards from almost every other humanitarian forums and organizations’ around the world.

Malik Riaz Hussain

Even the Holy quran says “If one has saved a life, it’s like he has saved the whole humanity” (Surah;5 Ayah;32) Malik Riaz Hussain has always gone by the same words and he has given priority to the welfare of all the victims in lieu of his “Disaster Management Relief Efforts” whilst providing them with every financial, medical and food support during the process. He comes over as a generous, helping and noble hearted person whenever the country gets hit by a disaster, be it an earthquake, flood or any other calamity. He is always adamant to spend a big portion of his wealth to rebuild the lives of millions of less fortunate people around. Moreover, he has backed them with all the required resource and logistical support to the Pakistani government and all the other NGOs in the process.

Bringing every person on earth to a mutual prosperity is the sole motive of Malik Riaz News personality and he is always there to put forward his contribution towards various social welfare schemes like Dastarkhwanas which always serves free meals to 150,000 people twice a day along with free health care, and free educational projects. He always feel devastated after seeing 60 million people living below the poverty line in the country and thus created a “Fund For The Pakistani Common Man” that includes free food centers, free education, clean water, health and sanitation along with various skills enhancement schemes to impart basic skills to the poor people and labors. He firmly believes that these types of schemes could be the only way out in order to eradicate the evils of poverty and unemployment from the country.

Malik Riaz Bahria Town has took a step further to pursue his generous approach and his efforts in the same direction has put new examples forward for the corporate social responsibility aspect. He has took bigger steps to combat the devils of inequality in the society whilst writing a letter to 100 of Pakistan’s most wealthy and powerful people, who are earlier not paying attention to the social economic tension existing in the country. Whilst trying to convince them about the immediate outcomes of the persisting situation around, he also asked them to put their financial support to repair the homes of the poor’s whilst providing them with all the required support to bring prosperity to their lives.

He further stressed on the need of bringing a potential employment platform to those who were earlier not been able to earn their livelihood by other means. He has further implemented the same whilst providing employment to more than 21,000 workers along with better business opportunities for all the 1000 local suppliers. His efforts have reaped great profits as there has been a significant rise in the funding received from all the NRIs and the fellow businessman in the process. Malik Riaz Hussain Bahria Town is a religious personality and he always carries the belief that his actions are in line to that of Allah almighty. He further states that each one of us must follow the disciples of Hazrat Umer Farooq who even stopped having honey and meat in extreme conditions. He is always there to help and support the underprivileged people and he always express his feelings whilst saying, “Why can’t we share our honey and meat with the country’s poor?”

Malik Riaz Hussain Bahira Town continuous efforts and inspiration has encourages many around to work towards the betterment of the society and everything. He takes pride in being the citizen of the country and always feels that its his responsibility to return back whatever he has taken form the country in the past. This is where he has stepped onto put through everything possible to make this country, a paradise in every sorts.

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