How to Choose the Right Reverse Osmosis System for You?

It has become important for you to buy a reverse osmosis system after looking into certain features of it. Here we will discuss the same so that you can buy the right reverse osmosis system for your home.


The first crucial feature that you should look into the RO system is the cost.  Generally, the price of the RO filters falls under the range of around $150 to $1000. Most expensive models come with various stages of filters to remove the impurities present in the water and also have some extra features like auto flushing and filtering large quantities of water, etc. Some models don’t remove the useful nutrients from water but remove the harmful chemicals. You will get the RO system in all ranges from which it is better to go with mid-range products if you have a budget.


The best place to install the Reverse Osmosis system is the cabinet under the sink. Ensure that you have enough space above the sink over the wall to install the RO system, as it needs space to fit the tank. In addition to RO components and pre-filters, you need a space to install the tank. The RO system doesn’t fit in a limited space, so check the space available in your kitchen.

Amount of Water:

An important feature that you need to consider is the amount of water that an RO system can filter. Most popular and standard sizes of RO filters are 50-gallons, 100-gallons, and even the mid-size 80-gallons. For small household uses, you can go with a 50-gallon RO system. In the case of a larger family where the water consumption is high, the bigger size of 100-gallons capacity or more than that is a better option.

Ease of Installation:

Generally, people used to call professionals for installing the RO system. It will consume less time when you can get the professionals to fix the system, through the RO system is complex. But you can’t go with installing such a complex system, as it consumes time and energy. After the first installation, you can carry out the filter replacements by yourself. Thus, better go with the RO systems that involve a straight-forward process.

Wastage of Water:

One of the major disadvantages of using the RO system is the amount of water wasted by the system for purifying the water. In most cases, the RO system gets back only 5-15% of the water that they filter. Some models of RO systems are specially designed to reduce water waste. The wastewater can be reused to carry out other tasks like cleaning utensils or laundry. Such RO systems are known as Zero-Waste Systems.


If you want to use the RO system for many years, you should go with the branded product coming with a good warranty life. You can check out the reviews of various products over the internet, to arrive with the right RO system for your home. Thus, ensure that you check the above features of the RO system, before buying it.

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