How to Choose & Install Hardwood Floors

The homes with hardwood floors look beautiful. The choice of flooring is one of the important decisions you make when you design your home. The types of the floor will add a touch of distinction to the whole look of the house. One type of floor that looks excellent is the hardwood floors. However, taking care of the expensive hardwood floors is an important task. Sometimes it can become difficult to clean the hardwood floors with ordinary mops. There are the best mops available for you to clean the floors without damaging them. All the dirt on the hardwood floors can be cleaned with the specific types of a hardwood floor mop.

But now let us see how you can choose and install the hardwood floors in your home.

  • Choose the solid or well- designed flooring.

The traditional hardwood floors come in thick planks of solid timber. Today the hardwood floors are available in variety because many people are opting for it. But other than solid timber, many companies are offering well-engineered hardwood that has thinner layers of hardwood. This is added with the other layers for avoiding the floors from shifting in case of any incidents.

  • Choose the site finished or prefinish

The hardwood planks can be bought raw from a professional who completes all the processes required in a hardwood. This comes with the stain or the coat that is already applied by the professional. The benefit of the prefinished wood is that you will know what you are getting. If you choose a product, then the exact product will arrive that suits your house furnishings and preferences. The prefinished hardwood takes only less time for installation. There is no time spent on applying any color or sealant. If you are trying to do a site finish, then you depend on the work of the contractor to make everything right. So you can opt for the prefinished hardwood.

  • Opt for the type of finish

The oil finish seeps through the wood and will make the hardwood look soft and shiny. But stains can get stuck in it easily. But the oil is also easy to maintain. On the other hand, the polyurethane finish creates a solid coat that will secure the hardwood from the dirt and grime from damaging the wood. This finish is hard to maintain because the whole section of the floor has to be coated every time if there is a renovation.

  • The wood types

In many places, oak is the king of the hardwood floors. This type of wood is durable and prevents statins from forming. The oak is also easily available, and the price is reasonable. The other choice is walnut. This is softer than oak, but it has a deeper color. This is suitable for rooms where the dark color is required. The walnut is richer and warmer then oak, which is earthly and simple. You can prefer the type of hardwood you want according to your preference.

These are the points you can follow in choosing and installing the hardwood floors in your home.

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