How Much Does a Printer Cost in India?

When you are thinking of buying a printer, you cannot just go ahead and buy a printer that falls within your budget. It is important to be aware of the different types of printers and how or for what purpose you would be using it. This would help you shortlist and chose the best printer that suits your requirements. You can be assured that you are paying the right price for the printer you are buying for your home or business purpose.

Types of printers

 Printers are categorized under two heads. They are

  • Ink-jet printers
  • Laser printers

The laser printers are expensive when compared to ink-jet printers. However, they produce quality results that surpass the prints produced by ink-jet printers.

Laser Printers

 Types of ink-jet printers

  The most sought after printers in this category include

Multifunction printers

 They are used for taking black and white prints that are ideal for house and office use. However, these multifunction inkject printers vary in size, and features and the prices are likely to vary depending on the features. However, you do have a quality all-in-one colour multifunction printer that is expensive when compared to the black and white version but is less expensive when compared to laser printers. You may also be able to access additional features such as Fax and feasibility to be linked to networks with these printers. The cost of the printer ranges from Rs. 4236- Rs.30,000

 Single- function ink-jet printers

 These are easy to operate printers that can handle large volume printing work. While the lower end variants can be used from printing only materials that contain text, high-end variants can even print pictures. You have black and white as well as colour printers of this type in the market. The prices range from Rs. 4,999- Rs. 26,300

Photo ink-jet printers

 These printers are designed to print pictures of varying sizes.

These printers require the use of special ink and are more expensive than the other variants of the ink-jet printers. They can handle 6-12 cartridges that store pigment-based or dye-based colours used for printing. The printers are ideal for home use and in businesses where there is a need to print pictures often like the text documents. It is priced around Rs.13,000.

Types of laser printers

 The laser printers are available in different sizes. You can always pick one which is ideal for your style of work and printing requirements. Needless to say, the smaller variants are less expensive than, the larger ones. They can be cost-effective because of the volume of papers that they can print as long as it is a necessity for you.

Monochrome lasers– They are printers that produce high clarity black and while prints and pictures. They are not used commonly. The price ranges from Rs.6,250 and Rs. 19,800.

Color laser printers– These printers are known for high-clarity colourful pictures with special features, including printing queue options and security system that offers limited access. The price ranges from Rs.23,900- Rs. 88,000.

Other printers

The other printers include printers meant for specific purposes and those that need to be accessed only if you have a special need for the same.

Choose the printer depending on your requirements and compare prices of printers of the same type across brands for features and price and make your purchase.

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