Hair Straightener Using Tips and Tricks

Hair straighteners are the essential hair styling accessories that almost every woman has nowadays. Do you remember how your mom scolded you for not applying heat to your hair? It is ironic how these mothers have now started straightening their hair. Flat irons are often associated with causing excessive damage to hair. It makes them more prone to an uncontrollable hair fall.

To ensure the growth of healthy hair, you need to take care of a few points. Here are some tips and tricks to save you from a bunch of hair fall sobbings:

Hair Straightener

Make sure to buy an ideal hair straightener:

Select an ideal hair straightener taking your hair type, lifestyle, and other things into consideration. Picking the right hair flattening iron can effectively reduce hair fall.

Hair protection sprays are the best option:

If you already have a hair straightener and not in a mood to buy a new one, use a hair protection spray. These sprays are ideally designed to take care of your hair & prevent them from getting damaged due to excessive heat.

  1. Make sure to adjust the temperature setting:

Temperature setting is the most harmful and beneficial aspect of a flat iron. If you use the accurate temperature, you can readily achieve smooth, shiny, and sleek finished hair. However, if you fail to use the right temperature setting, you will end up damaging your hair.

Combing hairs before straightening:

Combing hairs before straightening can help in detangling of hair. It will make the straightening hassle-free and easier than ever. You can test it by yourself by setting two separate hair ironing sessions. During the first session, do not comb hair before ironing. In the second session, ensure proper detangling of hair. You will see a remarkable difference in both these times. You will experience a lot more hair fall during the first ironing.

Do not start straightening close to the scalp:

Start ironing at least 2 to 3cms away from the scalp. The application of heat on the scalp directly can loosen the attachment of hair on the scalp. It will make them more prone to hair fall.

Try different hairstyles from a flat iron:

Depending upon the occasion, you can try a whole lot of hairstyles from a single flat iron. From beachy waves to spiral curls, you can have everything with just a straightening iron. Make sure to try these super cool and versatile techniques!

Simultaneous use of flat iron and straightening comb:

If you want to achieve a sleek straight hair that stays for a longer time, make sure to use a comb and flat iron simultaneously. It gives you a more professional touch! People will keep wondering if you have undergone a chemical hair straightening.

Do not use a harsh setting spray at the end

Setting sprays are the most popular hairstyling items nowadays. If you love to use a hair setting spray, make sure to look at its chemical composition. Avoid using sprays with excessive chemicals in them. They can make your hair frizzy and dull on regular use.

That’s all about the tips and tricks of hair straightening. We hope you liked it!

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