Different Types of Meat Thermometers and Their Uses

For delicious food that is either grilled or roasted, meat thermometers are quite handy with no effort required. Essentially the meat thermometers help to assess the internal temperature quickly and easily to avoid overcooked or dried food. Professionals invest in a good meat thermometer because it helps to prevent the under cooking of meat, which can cause serious illness while not compromising on taste.

In this article, let us see why it is important to use a meat thermometer, the different types available in the market, and their uses.

Is a meat thermometer needed for cooking?

A simple explanation is that using the meat thermometer is the only reliable way to say whether the meat is cooked or not. Some people have a great eye for understanding when the meat is exactly medium-rare, and few follow their gut feelings to know when the meat is perfectly roasted. But the thing is that these methods can backfire. On the other hand, a meat thermometer is completely accurate and fool-proof to know whether the meat is done.

It can also help to detect if the meat is overcooked. If the meat is cooked at a proper temperature, it will be juicy and tender. But if it is left in the oven or grill for a long duration, it will become dry and flavorless.

It is a known fact that no two cuts of meat are similar. So using a timer to determine when the meat is done is a seriously flawed method. Though some meat pieces can be cooked thoroughly, others might remain uncooked or burnt. So, a meat thermometer is an essential tool in the kitchen for a relaxed dining experience.

Types of meat thermometers and their uses

Instant Digital Meat Thermometers

This type has a very good response time when compared with other types. For a quick temperature check at different spots, this is the best option. Some models come with added features like temperature hold and auto-shutoff. But this type is not manufactured to be left along with the meat while cooking.

Leave-In Digital Meat Thermometers

Here the probe can be left along with the meat when it is cooked. This helps in better monitoring of the temperature with little effort. The whole setup can be attached to the door of the oven using a magnet. Many wireless bluetooth meat thermometer have features like timers, programmable temperatures, and audible alerts. They even come in wireless designs.

Instant Analog Meat Thermometers

To read the temperature, the probe is inserted and then removed. It should not be left for a long time with the cooking meat. The downside of this type is that it is not easy to read the values, very long response time, and limited add-ons.

Leave-In Analog Meat Thermometers

This type of meat thermometer is oven-friendly and can be left along with the meat in the oven. Also, it helps to read the values instantly as the aforementioned type.

Final thoughts

Whether someone is a beginner or pro at meat cooking, from the above, it could be seen that owning a meat thermometer is advantageous that ensures not only taste but also health.

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