Can I use Running Shoes for a Treadmill?

For outside running, running shoes are mandatory. No doubt they provide the needed cushioning to the muscles and joints. For both beginner and expert runners, running shoes is not something they can compromise on. This is completely different from a training shoe which is for a different purpose.

To run, the individual needs to give a forward step motion. And running shoes specifically enhances this motion. But this all for running outside, what about on treadmill? Yes, you can use running shoes for the treadmill. But to know more about it, you need to keep reading.

Running Shoes for a Treadmill

Treadmill running

Treadmill running is different from running outside in many respects. But still, you need proper running shoes to run on a treadmill. Even if you are planning to walk and not run on the treadmill, it is still better to get a good pair of treadmill running shoes. This will be a great help no matter what speed or incline you choose to do on the treadmill machine.

What kind of running shoes should you get?

There is no difference in the running shoes used outside to the one that gets used on a treadmill. When you buy a pair of running shoes, it must be specific for your feet and the way you run to prevent injuries during workouts.

Since there are 3 types of feet, you can find 3 types of running shoes in the market.

  • Low arched feet 

Since the arch of the feet reaches the floor; the feet tend to have a larger footprint. So, when people with low arched feet run, their feet turn too much, and they need specific shoes for motion control.

  • Normal arched feet

Majority of the people will have this type of feet. The feet strike the ground and roll the front. For this type of individuals, they need stability running shoes.

  • High arched feet

Since the arches are high, the footprint will be little separated from the heel to toes. Here, the feet cannot correctly rotate for the stride, and a good running shoe can help. It is advisable to select cushioned running shoes for this feet type.

How long can running shoes last?

Generally, running shoes can last you for a long time. Since you are getting them for running on a treadmill and not outside, it will last you much longer. Try to replace the shoes after 400 miles of running.

If you are a person who loves running both outdoor and on a treadmill, it is better to get 2 pairs of running shoes. In that way, you can use the shoes separately for both scenarios.

The bottom line

It doesn’t matter what type of runner you are. Whether beginner or experienced, walker or runner, a good pair of running shoes is a necessity.

It provides both the comfort, safety, and additional support to the runner. So, make sure you got good running shoes before you workout on a treadmill.

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