Camtech Manufacturing Valves in FZCO, Dubai: The Industrial Hub par Excellence Reviews

Getting a trusted production collaborator that can supply parts you need to operate your manufacturing activities is very crucial.  Keeping this in mind, we take the pleasure to present a brief overview of Camtech Manufacturing FZCO. We take pride to be the distinguished manufacturer of valves and have won several prestigious awards in our bid to develop high-performance valves with great value. ISO 9001:2008, ISO DS/29001, API (6A, 6D, 600 and Q1) CE and Atex are included in the prestigious approval list.

The Managing Director of Camtech viz., Dhananjay Choudhury incepted the maiden automated manufacturing plant in Dubai in the the year 1999 with a view to launching a state of the art utility brand. The manufacturing unit is built around the Jebel Ali Free Zone and has effective technologies to finish the production targets within the stipulated time.

We also have a crew of highly trained and experienced engineers engaged in on-going valve design research and development. The dedicated team of experts is always on the go 24×7 on a shift basis to honor our unique customer bases across the globe. We have experienced supervisors at the plant who look after manufacturing and servicing the valves that are manufactured.

Camtech Manufacturing Koda

Our valves manufacturing have gained a hard-earned position in several domestic and international market segments. The Company has earned due respect with passing time and are most trustworthy and give importance to value for money with a seamless performance for customers to judge for themselves.  Clients in the pharmaceutical industries, petrochemical sector, marine industry, chemical industry or elsewhere are the prime takers of our high precision valves.

The product range that we are offering does include both the biggest as well as the smallest valve we make measure up to 56 inches and around half an inch in diameter respectively. It is therefore clear that we’ve got a broad spectrum of items for our valued customers and feel confident that we can satisfy every detailed or minute customer needs.

We are eagerly looking forward to serving you and are determined to facilitate you with the best quality valves available in the market.

An alternative way to visit us online for any further information is via our dedicated web site viz., https:/

The manufacturing location

The Camtech manufacturing plant is situated in Jebel Ali industrial zone, comprising a total of 260,000 sq ft of land area with the installation of a variety of equipment and machinery spanning the entire spectrum of premises related to valve manufacturing.

Notable machines are assigned to the manufacture of the entire valve parts, and the assembly process is performed under a single roof. Supply chain and brand management are handled effortlessly in a bid to organize detailed preparation, resource distribution, and traceability using a comprehensive and open ERP module.

The in-house machine shop at Camtech uses the most sophisticated computer-based manufacturing techniques in the segments of drilling, testing and machining of valve elements. It produces the most sophisticated computerized equipment, integrated with several modular machining processes and subsystems utilizing separate CNC machines, with extensive internal testing to determine both quality and consistency of the product manufactured.

All dedicated personnel are highly trained and experienced and operate all the machines and equipment in clear awareness of the organizational requirements and goals. Camtech has established a substantial quantity of inventory of large-scale finished products such that we can react immediately to the instant requirements of the consumers. Besides, all Camtech products are open to full inspection and proper certification.

The assembly section

Camtech factory unit is committed to maintaining a high precision and quality assembly space overseen by a team of experienced technicians. All the requisite tools and equipment are duly stacked at our assembly stands.

In any business, when large stakes are involved, the possibility of duplicity and illegal transactions may happen. There is also a possibility of fraud which is unavoidable. Camtech is determined to stay awake and tone down these intentions with zero tolerance.






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