Baby Stroller Safety Do’s and Don’ts for Parents

Babies are very delicate and too young for being independent. That time, a baby stroller comes in handy to let them allow watching various activities of the world. A baby stroller or buggy is thoughtfully designed to ensure safety and comfort to the baby’s neck, should, head and back.

In addition, it makes your and baby’s life simpler and easier. However, because of the safety harness and soft cushioning, your baby feels safe. Hence, it allows you to enjoy every single walking day with your young ones without any hassle.

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If you are interested to know about these safety aspects then read this blog. This blog helps you know what steps to take to maintain the baby’s safety.

What to do’s?

The given below safety do’s must be followed by every parent:

  • Maintain your stroller regularly to make your daily commute easier. Always inspect the safety features include straps, brakes to ensure that the next ride is safe for the baby.
  • The stroller assembling task should be given to a qualified and responsible expert. During the assembling of the stroller, keep your baby away from the place to prevent incidents. Because there would be tiny bolts and sharp objects around that harm your baby.
  • Before going to start assembling the stroller, discard & remove the stuffing material. These materials may cause a clogging hazard.
  • Before taking the baby with a stroller, make sure that it is locked in its stretched direction and is fully assembled.
  • To give support to babies back and neck, always use crotch straps or waist restraints. Otherwise, your baby can slip out of the stroller.
  • To prevent the risk of being injured on the baby’s hands & fingers, check that your baby’s hands do not reach sharp joints or narrow gaps.
  • Always use caution when reaching upstairs or going lifts. Also, never use a stroller for anything other than carrying your baby.
  • Take small steps and slowly push the stroller. Long and fast steps can lead to child injuries due to loss of control & leg grip, which is extremely dangerous.

What to Don’ts?

  • Avoid carrying a stroller without fixing parking brakes and holdings.
  • Never leave your baby alone in the stroller, especially when he is sleeping. Even, if you’re at home keep him around.
  • Do not use the slight jerk or cup holder to hold liquids like hot coffee or tea, as it might cause a spill and cause serious injury.
  • Never hang heavy carry bags on the stroller as it may misbalance your steps and stroller too.
  • Never use a stroller when any parts are broken or missing.
  • Make baby stop standing on the footrest as it may fall over and harm the child.
  • Without a safety harness, never use the stroller to carry the baby outside.

Final Words:

No matters whether you choose a double stroller or single stroller, following safety aspects should be your priority. Parents have to keep some dos and don’ts safety aspects in mind when carrying a baby with a stroller.

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