Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik CEO of Bahria Town in Pakistan Biography Details

Not many of the entrepreneurs have done, which Ali Riaz Malik has done in Pakistan, working as the CEO of the renowned Bahria town. He has taken the firm to a new horizon within a few years. All these great values and acumen for business are being inherited by him through his father. He had made his place in the country as a pioneering businessman who is also having a soft corner for the underprivileged as well.

It is considered to be the famous Philanthropists that having a belief in the service to humanity with full dedication, along with being a young entrepreneur and one of the best CEO who is a billionaire too – Ali Riaz Malik.

Professional and Educational Life: 

He was born in Rawalpindi in 1978, and since when he was a child, he has a passion for the construction. For this, he accompanies his father in many projects which are being under them. When he, for the first time in Dubai, says the big buildings, feel like touching the sky. At that moment he promised that this type of development he will take to his country. In the year 1999, he completed his education from the Beacon house school. As soon as he finished the education, he gets into the business of his father of real estate. His father is the Chairman as well as a founder of famed Bahria Town and also the seventh richest person in Pakistan.

Even being the son of one of the renowned businessman in the country, he started learning from scratch. Ahmed Ali Riaz started his career in Bahria Town in the marketing and sales department as a Procurement manager. Later in the year 2005, he has been promoted as a project manager position after showing all the efforts and hard work while working. In this, he got motivated and started managing many of the big projects. After putting the best of efforts as well as dedication to the work, in the year 2007, he became the Bahria Town CEO. Due to his knowledge about the industry and having acumen for business while makes Bahria town rise to the sky, making it a company of 1 billion US dollars.

Private Life of Ahmed Ali Riaz

Ahmed Ali Riaz has one sister, and his father is Malik Riaz Hussain. After achieving a level in the business run by a family, he got married in the year 2003 with Mubashra Ali. She was born in the year 1983, and his family is the proprietor of sugar refineries within the country. After she got married, she also started taking an active part in the Philanthropic work done by Bahria Town. The Dastarkhwans, which is being run by the Bahria Town, is where Mubashra Ali contributed the most, in this more than 150,000 underprivileged are given food twice a day.

Various projects handled and administered at the Bahria town 

In all the projects which are going nowadays in Bahria town are being taken care of by the Ali Riaz Malik. In each project, he provides the business acumen and industry knowledge. But the biggest achievement is on the project of the first-ever city with an island in Pakistan is to be made. In the year 2013, the blueprint made for this is not approved in the agreement done with renowned real estate US tycoon Thomas Kramer. This agreement is a big step for all-round development as well as in constructing Bodha and Bundle Island, which is done within the vicinity of Karachi city.

There are many important projects which are going under Ali Riaz Malik’s vision, such as DHA Smart City Islamabad, Blue world city Islamabad, Bin Alam City Islamabad, Bahria town Lahore, Bahria town Karachi and Bahria town Rawalpindi. With these projects, his team members are also working all through the day and night to construct the biggest Mashd at Bahria Town, Karachi. It will also have a sports city, paradise precincts, and golf city within the vicinity. This is the greatest achievement by the Bahria town as a whole.

When we see closely at Bahria town Lahore, and to the projects handled by Ahmed Ali Riaz Malik, the key progress made are Executive lodges, Safari Villas, Bahria Homes, Mall of Lahore, Bahria Education and Medical City, Awami Villas, Umer Usman, and Ali Blocks, Overseas Enclave, Oasis, canal view Residency, Ahram-e-Misr, Bahria Orchard, Bahria Nasheman, Park Lane Tower, and Green valley.

While Bahria town Islamabad is having separate developmental projects such as Civic Centre, Safari Mall, Safari Valley, Overseas enclave, Bahria Heights, Bahria /Safari Homes, Safari Villas, Bahria Garden City, Bahria Greens, Palisades Apartments, The Sanctuary, Mall of Islamabad, River View Commercial, Safari Valley – Rafi Block, Safari apartments, Executive Lodges, Bahria /Safari Homes Awami Villas, Meadows, Bahria Enclave Islamabad, Bahria Enclave Apartments, Bahria Golf City, Bahria Garden city zone 5, Bahria Heights 7.

Ali Riaz Malik

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