5 Easy Tips to Wear Panty Liners

Panty liners are getting more and more popular these days. Maybe they are introduced recently in many parts of the world, but they are present for many years. Whether it is just a normal day or you are having your periods, it is very important to keep yourself dry and comfortable, so that you will stay active all day long. So, using a panty liner can be very helpful for you. There are many ways and situations where you will be able to use panty liners. If you are not sure how to wear them, then here are five easy tips to wear your panty liners:

Panty Liners

1. For daily use

If you are someone who experiences heavy vaginal discharge, then using panty liners daily is a good option. Also, those women who have urine loss problems while sneezing or coughing can go for panty liners. They come in different sizes like sanitary pads and will also mould to the shape of your body. They can be used with any kind of underwear and hence very safe to use.

2. During your periods

You can never predict the exact date of your period, as it can move one or two days, back or ahead. So, in such a situation, a panty liner can be very useful. As the flow is going to be light during the start of the periods, the panty liner is very useful. Also, if you are using tampons, a panty liner can add an extra layer of protection for you. Especially useful for those who are using tampons for the first time.

3. During mid-cycle

Sometimes during the mid-cycle, you will find extra vaginal discharge and these panty liners can be useful during that time. That will help in keeping your vaginal area dry and hygienic throughout the day.

4. Post-delivery

Another way to use the panty liners is post-delivery. Many women experience slight bleeding even after a few days of delivery. A panty liner can be very useful for this kind of situation. A sanitary pad can be slightly inconvenient and hence you can go for panty liners. This can also be useful for bladder leakage. They will make you feel fresh and feminine.

5. Staying active

Women who will have to keep on moving or traveling all day long will need to keep themselves dry and active. Use panty liners regularly and stay active. For many women, panty liners are just like anything else that they wear or carry along with them when they step out of the house.

Final Verdict:

So, start using the panty liners and you will be able to notice the difference by yourself. There are different kinds and sizes of panty liners available in the market. They are very thin and easy to use. You will not even feel their presence even if you are wearing it every day. Always carry them in your bag as a backup option for any emergency. You should avoid using them all the time, but use them whenever needed.

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