Thursday, July 7, 2016

Closet Upcycles - painted boots and bags

I have recently been downsizing my closet - I have given away half my clothes, shoes and bags. A couple of items, however, I kept because they were such a good shape but since I'm phasing black out of my closet, I felt they weren't needed as is.  

These boots were suede, so I knew they'd be easy to paint. They took three coats to cover. I used acrylic with fabric medium for the first coat, and then just straight acrylic for the subsequent coats. Afterward, it was finished with three coats of a spray clear acrylic sealer.

This is a lovely black raffia bag, but I really didn't need another black bag. I used straight acrylic paint on this, after spraying it with clear acrylic sealer first.  

After painting the designs on both sides, I put a final coat of clear acrylic over the top to seal it.

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