Thursday, July 7, 2016

Closet Upcycles - painted boots and bags

I have recently been downsizing my closet - I have given away half my clothes, shoes and bags. A couple of items, however, I kept because they were such a good shape but since I'm phasing black out of my closet, I felt they weren't needed as is.  

These boots were suede, so I knew they'd be easy to paint. They took three coats to cover. I used acrylic with fabric medium for the first coat, and then just straight acrylic for the subsequent coats. Afterward, it was finished with three coats of a spray clear acrylic sealer.

This is a lovely black raffia bag, but I really didn't need another black bag. I used straight acrylic paint on this, after spraying it with clear acrylic sealer first.  

After painting the designs on both sides, I put a final coat of clear acrylic over the top to seal it.

Living Room Makeover, Part 1

After four years, I decided it was time to redo the living room. When I first moved here, the soothing shabby chic colors were appropriate for my life. Our family had a series of deaths, and I'd lost my first dog, and I needed a place to heal. 

But over time I began to be drawn to bright colors again. I wanted something cheerful and more "me". A few years ago I saw an episode of "Junk Gypsy" with this room on it, and I absolutely loved it. The color, the eclectic accessories, and the overall feeling of it. Every time I thought of redoing the room, this is the room that came into my mind. 

I started with painting the walls yellow. I used two shades of yellow, as they did in the Junk Gypsy room - I choose the wall that Would have the most bold decor on it for the bright yellow. The rest of the walls were painted a lighter shade of yellow, and the doors and trim were painted a bright white.

I traded the blue curtains out for red raw silk panels, and I painted the existing table red. I had created a mirror mosaic on the top of the table in an earlier project. 

As much as possible, I tried to keep my existing furniture and decor pieces, just giving them face lifts.

The shelf was painted red, and the leopard chair, which was gold, I painted black. I already had the leopard chair, and had been using it as a photo prop in my photo studio, but I decided it was time to retire it as a prop, and use it in the house.

The small table next to the leopard chair is new, as is the lamp with the black lampshade. Both came from 

The little red footstool came from an adorable local store called Country Bird. I added the fringe around the edge.

I have plans for the top of the curtain rod, and the day bed, but I'm looking for the perfect items.

The front door was painted teal a couple of years ago, and I love the way it looks with the colors in the room! The red leather chair is also, new, as is the lamp with the red lampshade. Both came from 

Everything here was original to the room, it's just been repainted. The cabinets came from JC Penneys years ago. I painted both cabinets a lighter aqua. The knobs are red roses - also from - I know . . . broken record. But, you can find great prices there if you keep watching for what you want at the price you want. 

I like to buy things slowly over time, and then when I've gathered the basics, then start on my project. 

The large piece on the wall was in the room before. I just painted the frame red, and then I wired a second piece to the first. 

This small wall is also painted in the bright yellow. The picture that says 'happy' is from the original room, too. I just painted the background red, and then added metal letters to the front. An homage to the Junk Gypsy room. I bought the letters from an artist on Etsy. I painted them red to match.

The cows head was a gift from one of my dearest friends. I painted it - I'll include that in a separate post, soon,and added silk roses to the top. The cows head is called "The Beast" and came from - you guessed it -

The room is still in progress. Small things need to be added and fixed, but overall, I'm very happy with the way the room is shaping up!