Saturday, August 17, 2013

And "Baby" Makes Four

If you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know that I'm a sincere advocate for animal rights, and am guardian to several rescue dogs.

Until last week, I had three lovely dogs - Talullah (Great Dane) is the youngest, the Jake (Great Dane / Lab /Sharpei mix!), and Bandit (Border Collie / Aus Shepherd mix.) It is quite a full house!

Then, on Facebook, I saw this photo on an Oklahoma Rescue Page (Pet Angel Rescue of Edmond)

I have always wanted a Harlequin Dane. With my current pack, I really needed a boy dog if I was going to bring another dog in, and here was this little boy who had been surrendered by his family. He needed to be in a family without kids, and preferably with some larger dogs.

So, I applied with the Rescue. 

You might think that once you have gotten a dog from a Rescue, you can get dogs from any Rescue, but that isn't true. Each Rescue has it's own requirements, and has to research you and ask questions that satisfy them that you are a good match for that animal. Sadly, many people lie to Rescue organizations, and so they have to follow up on your information and check you out - as they should do!

So, I heard back that I was going to get the dog, and I was SO excited . . . but then the next thing I heard was that the Foster Family had fallen in love with him and didn't want to give him up. 

I can fully understand that. I am not ever going to be a person who can Foster animals. I wish I could be that unselfish and giving, but alas, it is not me. I knew it would be much better for the dog if he didn't have to change to yet another home after having left the family he'd been with since he was a puppy, being in a kennel for a month, and then with this family for a week or so. I told the Rescue that I understood, and would not press the matter.

The truth was, for a dog I wasn't looking for, I was kind of heartbroken not to be getting him. But, I'd prayed about this dog, and asked God not to let the Rescue approve me if I wasn't supposed to get him, and so I just turned it over to God that whatever was best for the puppy was more important than my feelings!

Then, the next afternoon I heard from the Rescue again! It turned out that the Foster Family, after considering their situation, decided it would be best for him to get to a family with fewer dogs and demands (the Foster Family already had a giant breed with special needs, plus several smaller dogs, as well as the horses you see in that photo!)

So, that night I found myself driving to Oklahoma City to pick up my newest family member. His name was Sampson, but he didn't answer to it, so I decided he needed a clean break and changed his name to Cary Grant. (My other Dane is named after Talullah Bankhead - she is Talullah Bighead!)

So, here is our newest "baby" - 3 year old, Cary Grant . . .

The photo above was his second day with us, when he discovered one of the several fenced paddocks that he has access to on our property.

I have yet to get a photo with all four dogs, but here are Cary Grant, Jake, and Bandit.

And here is Talullah with Cary Grant. Talullah is a European Dane, and she is shorter and stockier. Cary Grant is an American Dane, so he is taller - but he is substantially underweight at present. He needs to put on about 35 lbs to be where he needs to be for his size. (Talullah is about 20 lbs overweight! Oops! We are working on that!)

This was his first night in the house . . . I have since got him a raised feeder. Talullah's feeder is 13" and that was not quite tall enough for him!

And here is my big goof! He is very sweet, and once he gains some confidence, he is going to be a prince! I am hoping I can work with him so that he can do Therapy work with Talullah and me at the nursing homes, hospital, and library. But for now, we are just happy to have him here with us, and getting him healthy and confident, again!

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  1. Congrats to you & your beautiful Great Dane:-) As the Mom to a Chowbrador & co-Mom to my neighbor's Chabrador (both all black rescue dogs), I wish rescue groups would follow-up to see that people have held up their end of the deal. I've gone above & beyond what I said I'd do on their application & the dogs are the center of our universe as we have no kids. I wish you every success in assimilating your latest fur-baby into your family.


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