Monday, March 11, 2013

I'm Alive - And Yarn Has Taken Over My Life

Just after Christmas, my very good friend (and partner in crime), Tammy,  decided to take up crocheting again. Like me, she had learned as a child, and so she showed me how to make this simple treble crochet infinity scarf. Then I started getting "fancy" and adding trim on it.

Okay, I know if you are a long-time "hooker", this isn't all that impressive, but for someone who hadn't touched a crochet needle in 30 years, I was impressed with myself . . . 

And then I discovered that YouTube had all these videos on different stitches, so I started experimenting. Here is another infinity scarf with a different stitch:

Below is my first attempt at a hat - which looks pretty good, until you know that I was trying to make an adult hat and it turned out newborn sized! Yeah, that's when I started reading about gauge and needle size and taking things a bit more seriously . . . which, of course, required more yarn . . . and needles, and cases for yarn and needles . . .

Talullah, btw, contributed nothing to this process except a bit of dog hair - which I figure just makes the scarves warmer.

And then I thought . . . I don't have to do infinity scarves . . . I could do a regular scarf with fringe . . . this one is made with a chenille yarn. 

The good news is that I finally mastered hats . . . and then everyone wanted one .  . . so I made about fifteen in a row. No joke. I'm a whiz at the magic circle now!

Yes, here is the fancy scarf / hat combo . . . with trim!

Scarf and hat combo with no trim (who said I can't be flexible?)

Eventually, I made several scarves for Talullah. As you can see, she was very impressed.

Then my friend Tammy said, I really want to learn to knit, and I said "Me, too!" Seriously, Tammy and I should not be allowed to be together . . . we are dangerous . . . however, we are definitely good for the economy.

Tammy jumped right in and made a full length scarf. I decided that knitting is a little too slow for me (or I'm too slow for it), and since I felt like a baby giraffe trying to use it's legs for the first time holding the knitting needles, it took me a while to warm to it. As a result, I made several full length dishcloths!  (Tammy is a show-off, anyway! ha!)  On the plus side, however, I have discovered that knitted dishcloths are GREAT!

Did I mention all that with all the yarn I had to buy, I also had to buy a new shelving unit for my recent Craft purchases (left), and added that jumbo metal crate unit for my yarn. I took this photo before I put all of my yarn in it because at some point I realized that it was getting embarrassing. Let's just say that where you can see space in the crates in the photo . . . not so much now.

Oh, I have also branched out and made a couple of handbags. This one was made with yarn my mom found at Big Lots! 

Here is Talullah in a babushka I made to keep her hears warm. I know you can feel how much she loves it. Or not.

In addition to dozens of scarves, and hats, a couple of handbags, a cell-phone carrier, and a few other goodies . . . what I'm working on now is lap afghans for the residents of the Nursing Home where my mom works, and where I take Talullah to visit every two weeks. Here is a photo of Talullah visiting one of the residents, and the shawl around the resident's shoulders is the first one I made for the home. My mom says she just lights up when they bring it out to her - and that makes me feel great about this new obsession, er, hobby of mine!

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