Monday, December 17, 2012

Updating a Faded Summer Wreath for Winter

After looking for a reasonably priced wreath that went with my decor, and failing miserably, I got the idea to update my current wreath - which was sadly faded by the Oklahoma sun. 

I wish these photos did the wreath better justice, but the gold and "ice" are very subtle. Because my living room, which this door opens up into, is decorated with gold accents, I wanted to go with a gold theme.

This is what the wreath looked like when I started. I picked it up last Spring at Walls, a local Oklahoma discount store. At the time it was a deep green with purple flowers. Not so much anymore!

These are the supplies I used: Gold paint, spray glue, plastic "snow flakes" and clear spray paint.

The wreath, surprisingly, only took two light coats of  the gold to cover.

Here is a close up of the painted wreath. You can see that the purple "buds" were a slightly different color of gold, but I liked the way it looked, so I didn't make an effort to cover it further.

Next, I used spray glue all over the wreath. You need to read your directions carefully. In addition to shaking the can first, most glues work best if you wait a few minutes before you apply whatever you are trying to adhere. 

Next, I cut a hole in the corner of my bag of "snow flakes" and lightly sprinkled the m over the wreath. Then, I applied another layer of glue over the top, and added a second layer of snow flakes to the wreath.

You can see that it looks much fuller with that second coat.

Finally, I added additional spray glue to the side of the wreath I planned to use at the "top" because if something was outside, the top would naturally have the heaviest concentration of  snow. (see below.)

The final step is to spray the entire wreath with the clear spray paint. You do this to neutralize any glue that might not have something adhered to it, as well as to set the snow flakes in place.

Here is the wreath on the door. It is simple, but I really like it. If I was going to do it again, I think I would add a light misting of gold glitter over the wreath before I added the glue. Regardless, I think it looks lovely, and is a simple, but elegant addition to my holiday decor!

So far I haven't done a thing to decorate my front porch! The photo below shows you why . . . my house is placed in the worst possible spot for wind. We also have had a run of wind storms, and every time I get my porch cleaned up, the wind comes up and knocks everything over! I hate to put decorations out there only to have them all blow away!

My current plan is to add drapes to the corners, which I'm hoping will block some of the wind. (I plan to use a combination of hooks and velcro to put these in place. Crossing my fingers that it works!) I'm not sure if that will happen before the holidays, though!

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