Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

The last four years have been very difficult for me for a variety of reasons. There have definitely been low and high points, but last Christmas was probably the worst of my life.  As a result, I'm highly aware of how much better my life is now than it was just a year ago!

Among the many good things that have changed in my life was the addition of Talullah to my pack of dogs after having lost Keeley in October of 2011. 

Recently, Talullah and I have begun visiting the residents of the local rest home every couple of weeks. My niece gave me a set of antlers, and although she isn't thrilled about it, Talullah will wear them for me.

Although, as you can see from this photo, she isn't really thrilled about it!

Here she is at the rest home on Sunday, with antlers and infinity scarf!

For those of you that don't know, Talullah was rescued by a dog rescue group as she'd been left at a kill shelter. She was pregnant with pups, and based upon her health (she was 35 lbs under weight) and body issues, it was determined that she'd been used for breeding. She is a pure bred Great Dane with a merle / merlequin coat. When I adopted her, we found that the reason she'd been dumped was because she had tumors throughout her breasts. Three weeks ago, she had major surgery to have the lumps removed (they had continued to grow despite the fact that she'd later been spayed.) 

She is now a healthy, at her correct weight, and is a happy girl. She shares my life, and everyone loves her. (In fact, the only issue I have had with her is that she wants to go everywhere with me, and will all but knock me down to get out if I tell her she can't go - you try arguing with a 157 lb Great Dane!) Other than that, she  has the perfect Great Dane personality - ultimately zen and easy going. She likes everyone, is curious, and has even let other dogs nip at her without reacting! She knows who she is, and is quite comfortable with it!

Talullah has given me the opportunity to give back at the facility where my father spent the last year of his life. Talullah is still getting used to the floors (she much prefers carpet to linoleum or wood) but she is a trooper and gamely lets everyone pet her and cuddle on her, and take her photo.

We are expecting a white Christmas - beginning sometime in the morning - which will be great as last year we had virtually no snow at all. Somehow, it feels more special that the first day we get snow all year is on the holiday itself. It will be fun to see how Talullah navigates in the snow, but I know my other two dogs will be filled with doggy delight in "catching" snowballs and romping through it all. I'll be right out there with them!

Just to give some "equal time", here are Jake and Bandit.

Bandit - in a rare still photo . . . she is usually moving too fast to get a clear shot!

Jake and Bandit waiting for me to kick the ball for them to chase.

Jake on the bench at the end of my bed . . . in his defense, he has no idea that he doesn't actually fit there.

God bless, and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Hope the new year is giving you lots of blessings. Today I updated the Linky Follower site and just read this beautiful post. Your pack looks so happy!



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