Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Wrapping

Every year I go out and buy wrapping paper for Christmas. I like to coordinate all my packages. This year I chose a silver on silver theme.

At Hobby Lobby I found these lovely papers. I chose a swirly damask like print, and a zebra. I added several different kinds of silver ribbons - from the sheer wire ribbon seen below . . .

To this narrow silver ribbon . . .

And this adorable polka dot print ribbon. I found two different styles of tags in silver, the polka dot, and an all over glitter.

These are just a few of my packages, but I think they look lovely together. Don't you love that big round package? In our family, we have a joke whenever a package is huge, or awkwardly shaped, or obvious what it is from the shape, when we hand it to the person, we deadpan, "It's a neck tie." Don't ask. We all have a strange sense of humor. I blame my dad.

And speaking of "wrapping", here is a photo of Talullah in her cowl. It goes with the HUGE dog coat I got for her which she still isn't sure about. She isn't sure about the cowl either, but she will wear it. The coat I bought was made to measure and is based on a dog blanket. When you have a 157 lb dog, you aren't going to be able to buy a coat for them at Wal-mart! 

She just cracks me up. I think she looks like a little old lady wearing a babushka! 

So what are your Christmas wrapping designs? Do you think I'm crazy for planning a theme each year?

Oh, and if you are wondering about "left-over" paper for the year, I always try to buy prints that will work year round so that I don't have to only use it for Christmas. I also use wrapping paper inside out (if there isn't a print on the back) and use rubber stamps or paint on it for a new design. 

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