Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Projects DIY

Here are three quick projects I did for my own house for Christmas. The first is this simple cone tree:

I bought a round plaque, a foam cone, and a the In Bloom one pound bucket of rhinestones. (You can find similar flat-back rhinestones online here.)

I painted the plaque silver with spray paint, and then glued the cone to the plaque with Tacky Glue. I then glued each of the rhinestones, varying the size, to the cone with tacky glue. The project is very easy, but it did take a couple of hours to cover the cone.

I was happy with the simple blingy cone tree when I was finished. The great thing about Tacky Glue is that it dries clear.

With a second cone and plaque, I painted the plaque gold, and then using clear tacky glue, I glued strips of pink fabric in layers over the cone.

I kept doing the layers until I reached the top.

Finally, I added strips of burlap that i secured to the fabric with hot glue. 

Finally, I wanted to do a version of this Santa inspired wreath project I found on Pinterest. I used a simple wood wreath form, two red boas, black satin ribbon, a rhinestone buckle, and a wood "ho ho ho" piece. I purchased all of the items on

Simple wrap the boa around the wreath form. I chose to secure the ends with zip ties so I wouldn't ruin the boas, or the form. Next, I added the ribbon, and hot glued the ends of the ribbon to secure it in place. I painted the "ho ho ho" wood piece with white paint, and then hot glued it to the boa. It was very simple to make, and took only about 20 minutes!


  1. Hi Tera - cute ideas - especially like the silver tree. The Santa wreath is such a cute idea. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I love all three projects...but I love that blingy tree the best!! Awesome!


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