Friday, November 9, 2012

Bedroom Reveal

In a small room, it can be a challenge to get good photos showing all the details, so I'm providing a variety of photos, including some panoramic photos, to show the room.

You may remember from previous posts (here and here), that I created the headboard with two twin headboards, some wood appliques, and paint. I added mirrors, and changed out the nightstands for a dresser and table I already had. 

I am considering adding fabric to the center of the canopy behind the bed to give it more of an impact. I'll post photos if I do that.

I added new velvet drapes from Pottery Barn Teen, and a cornice (step by step project to come) using the same fabric used on the canopy, lamp shade, and pillow.

I purchased the cord covers on Etsy. I painted my existing picture frames. What I learned about working with metallic spray paint is that you need to mix up the types of paint you use, and the finish, to get a richer look. In addition to straight spray paint, I used silver leaf, silver rub and buff, and stencils with clear spray paint to mix up textures. (More on that in a later message!) 

On this dresser, I used silver spray paint over a primer, and then silver leaf on the drawers only. 

I took two of these photos to try to show the room from lower and higher perspective. This is to the left of the bed, and on the opposite wall when facing the  door to the bedroom.

This fireplace is a new item I purchased with a heater in it. This is what it looked like when I got it from Country Door.

Before putting it together, I painted all of the wood pieces, except the arched detail piece. Look for a separate post with more on this. I also added Rub and Buff on the detail pieces to mix up the silver finish on the piece.

You may have noticed that on previous photos I had a larger furry photo under the chair. I found that the fur was backed with a fabric that I could cut, so I cut it into three strips - one for each side of the bed.

This is what I finally decided on for art over the fireplace. I will be posting on how I created it. 

I made the lavender pillow cover with some of the fabric I used for the canopy. I found some lavender rhinestone pins on Ebay and have added them to the pillow, as well as the tie backs on the canopy.

Here is the before / after on this corner . . . new chair and table, and I painted the frames and changed out the art.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I painted the black lamp with the rhinestones I purchased at Hobby Lobby. I covered the lamp shade in the same lavender fabric that I used for the canopy, and some rhinestone trim.

I purchased new plates for the light switches and plugs, and then spray painted them with a paint appropriate for plastic. Next, I added Mod Podge gloss and silver glitter. 

Finally, on the right side of the room is a console table and some art. This is actually an area I'm still playing with. The room has cathedral height ceilings on that side, so I may bring the art all the way up the ceiling on the central section of the wall.

As you can see, I painted the table silver, and then added a stencil texture with gloss clear paint on the top. I also painted the tray a lavender color. The candle sticks came from Etsy.

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