Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random: some photos, and a quick project shot

We've had some gorgeous weather lately . . . and storms . . . here are a few photos from my recent galavanting. 

This is my favorite lightening shot I took the other night from my porch. 

Talullah is my companion whenever I can bring her. She loves to travel, and she loves people. 

Last Friday, I had a friend visiting from California. We took him to the food truck event at H & 8th, and then over to the Oklahoma City Regatta Festival. Talullah is always a big hit anyplace I take her! She loves people, and there is no shortage of people who love meeting her.
The Regatta Festival night races were great fun. Here is a quick phone shot from the event.

Just to keep the blog business like . . . here is a photo of the door of my local hair salon, and a vinyl design I did for their door using my Silhouette. I still have a love/hate relationship with the machine, but when I get it to cut properly, it is a wonderful tool! I have used it quite a bit, but I thought this sign turned out well. They added rhinestones to the chandelier to bling it up, which I think adds to it's charm. 

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