Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Project Updates - What's Happening Around My House

I don't have any big reveals ready yet, so I thought I'd bring you up to date on a few projects I've been working on.

This is a huge bird house that I ordered online - and failed to read the size before I purchased. It turned out to be about 28" high and 16" wide - much too big for the side table I was planning to use it for - so it got a quick coat of paint so that I can use it outside.

I loved the shabby chic paint job it came with, but it looks very cute out on my patio now. Photos, soon, when I do a reveal out there. Working on the curtains for the patio this week.

When I last told you about my kitchen, I told you I had shown you the finished chairs, and was waiting on a rug I had purchased . . . well, I don't know what I was thinking when I ordered it! I clearly had lost my mind combining this "old world" pattern with the more modern pieces the room.

Fortunately, I knew it would look good in my niece's house - and what I didn't know is that she had a black and white dot rug in her house that she didn't think looked good in her living room, so we were able to switch rugs.

The black and white rug looks much better with the furniture, but the sizing was off for the space. So, I ended up switching it with the other rug in the kitchen space.

I preferred the dots with the table, rather than repeating the diamond pattern, but the size of the rugs made more sense this way.

Here you can see the larger rug in the longer portion of the kitchen (which is L shape with the dining area.) On the list of projects is painting the kitchen cabinets, along with doing something to that pantry to make it less boring!

Anyway, back to the projects . . .

You know you are in trouble when you open a box and see that step one of your project includes about thirty steps. (see below.)

But . . . after it was all put together (which required taking it apart TWICE because the instructions didn't include up/down directions on several parts, and you wouldn't know if you got it right until you got it nearly complete, it was worth it. I am very experienced at putting together furniture, and I'd never seen anything like it. Ikea instructions were absolutely verbose in comparison! All that said . . . I really love it. 

(Those short curtains in the background, and the broken shades, are both about to be replaced with red Shantung drapes.

The refrigerator in the guest house is not fancy. Having recently spilled something out of a bowl in the refrigerator, I was reminded what a pain it is to clean! So, I ordered 47'' Wide Oil Cloth Stella Cherries White Fabric By The Yard.  Once it arrived, I carefully measured each shelf in the refrigerator and door.

I read online that I could cover the shelves as long as I didn't block the places where air circulates - like the sides of the shelves where they meet the walls. I cut each piece slightly smaller than the shelf. 

Here is what the top shelf looked like once it was covered. 

I also cut individual pieces for the door shelves and the drawers. Once everything was back in, the refrigerator was slightly darker on the lower shelves, but after keeping a thermometer in the refrigerator for several days, I found there was no decrease in temperature. It is all much cleaner now.

As you can see, the dogs are all aflutter at the changes. The bedroom is about to change . . . more on that soon! 

 I don't have a "before" photo, but after reading about someone else replacing their manual thermostat with a programmable thermostat, I bit the bullet and  bought this from Amazon. I chose the Hunter 44272 5-Minute 5-1-1 Day Programmable Thermostat because it was inexpensive, and promised to be easy to install.

While it took me considerably longer than the five minutes they advertise, it was actually very easy to do. What took time was figuring out how to take apart the original thermostat to get to the wires, and to figure out what the wires meant. This was simply because I am completely unknowledgeable about HVAC and wiring.

Finally, I found this cute welcome sign at a local shop for under $10.00. I used the clear Command clips to attach it to my front door. I'd been thinking about adding a word to the front door. I like this easily changeable option.

More soon!

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