Monday, October 8, 2012

Progress on the Bedroom Project

I still have a long way to go, but I thought I'd share my progress on the bedroom project!

Here is where things are as of tonight (okay, this morning as I am writing this at 2 AM).

Pardon the unmade bed . . . all of the bedding hasn't arrived. 

Here is what I have accomplished so far - got rid of the old headboard, and night stands that came in the room, painted the two twin headboards and put them together (still working on that - more on that on a future blog post), painted the new chandelier (which will hang above the center of the bed in the center of the room - not shown as it is not yet hung, also more about that later), painted and hung the two mirrors, hung the curtain rod above the bed and draped the fabric. 

The fabric above the headboard is silk shantung, and it matches the velvet drapes that I hemmed, and hung. They don't show in this photo, but I'm still waiting for the sheers, so I'll show that more later.

I still have TONS to do! 
  • I will be painting the tables on both sides of the bed - the one on the left side of the bed is MIA, but it will be in the room tomorrow. I have to pull it out of a shed.
  • Add wood embellishments to the headboard (painted.)
  • I also have to paint a console table that is on the right side of the room.
  • There will be some new art coming into the room.
  • I need a large rug for the space.
  • Hang the chandelier. (Because all bedrooms need three chandeliers!)
  • I have to repair and recover the bench at the foot of the bed, as Talullah put her big doggie foot right through the cover of it.
  • Possibly getting a new chair for the room, or an armoire . . . I haven't decide what I'm doing with the corner to the left of the window.
  • Find some coordinating linens in soft gray, or perhaps dye some if I can't find the color I want.

Just to take you on a little journey from where I started. This is what it looked like when I moved in. (I was a furnished guest house on my sister's property.)

This is what it looked like since I moved in. I made a quick (but ultimately too short) cover for the headboard, and hung my chandeliers, and used my linens I had from before.)

I think it is coming along nicely! Still much to do, but it's getting better each day! And here it is as of today . . . stay tuned . . . much more action coming in the next few days, with "how to" posts to follow.


  1. So beautiful and the colors are marvelous! I can't take my eyes off of those chandeliers! Looking forward to more progress!


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