Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Client Living Room Progress Update

My client wanted to update her living room without spending a lot of money. Because the entire house is paneled, the fastest way to make a big difference was obviously paint!

We kept her leather furniture, and her grandmother's china hutch and coffee table, but we replaced the TV stand.

After priming and painting the walls (we decided to keep the beams unpainted as she wanted to keep a country look), we added a rug from, and drapes from Dollar General ($9.99 per panel! A great deal!) 

We painted her grandmother's hutch, and moved it to the side wall. I will show closeups of the hutch soon. It turned out amazing!

The client had a spare dresser out in her garage, so rather than buy a new media center, we decided to adapt what she already had by painting it, taking the top two drawers out, and adding baskets. The client had seen this done on Pinterest, and loved the idea of it. 

This is the piece after painting it, but it needed something more.

I added a stencil to the bottom drawers, and we drilled holes for these cute drawer pulls the client found at a local discount store. What a difference!

Here is a better view of it.

I didn't get a photo of it in context of the room, but we added this old window that the client already had to the far wall where the China Hutch used to sit. I added a scroll vinyl piece that I already had from another project to give the window some interest.

Here is a fun Pinterest inspired project.

I ordered this 24" wood letter from Build-a Cross online. I highly recommend them! The first cross they sent arrived damaged, and they immediately sent a replacement. The quality of the wood is great!

I spray painted the letter for the client, but suggested to her that she look at the pennies projects on Pinterest. I thought the shine of the pennies might make an interesting texture on the letter, and tie in the warm aspects of the leather furniture with the blues and greens in the room. My client did this on her own, and I think she did a great job!  

Finally . . . here is the before of the kitchen. You can see it in the background of the  photo with the chair and the "H" on the wall. It is open to her living room, so we really had to tackle both. 

Here is is after paint, a new rug (same pattern as the one in the living room, just different colors), and painting the kitchen table and chairs. We added another window to the wall in this room (client already had it) along with a rustic candle mold that the client also had before we started. 

If you look along the top of the room, you will see that there is a 12" soffit that runs around the kitchen shelves. We are planning to add tin tile to it, and we are waiting for it to come in. We will also be adding a new chandelier, another rug, curtains, and some other decor pieces, including some shadow boxes with antique kitchen tools that were her grandmothers. We know it is going to be adorable . . . but I couldn't resist showing you the amazing change that just the paint made. The client did almost all of this painting by herself! I just chose the paint colors, and she has been a painting machine!

Here is a shot of Talullah on that rug in the kitchen . . . yes, she is that big! That rug is 9'! I brought her with me for a late night painting session . . . the client loves Talullah, but her dog, Daisy, hid nearly the whole time. Poor Daisy. She is used to being an only dog. As you can see, Talullah finds painting exhausting!

I'll be posting more updates on projects in this house, soon!

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