Friday, September 14, 2012

Shabby Chic Client Room Update - Projects

This is an update on a in-progress room I am doing with a client. My client is actually my manicurist, and she uses this room as her nail studio, but it is also used for TV watching for the family, so we needed to make the room bi-functional. Also, we were doing this on a budget, so we did most of the work, and we we bought very little - choosing to reuse furniture from the existing room, and from other rooms of the house.

Our favorite piece so far is this chandelier, which we painted, and I added swag crystals. Below is the armoire. It was a traditional heavy oak piece. We removed all the doors; and I added some wood embellishments to the upper corners above the TV niche. 

Here are the "before" shots. As you can see, we painted all of the wood in this room, as well as the the adjoining hallway. This room is the first room you see when you enter her house.

The chandelier came with the house, and we both loved it, but new it needed updating. It was an unusual design, and I felt that it needed both a pop of color, and some sway crystals added to it. The TV armoire, and the chandelier, along with the table she used for manicures, are the only pieces we kept.

You can see the TV cabinet in the photos above and below. As I mentioned, we removed the doors. All of the wood in the room, including the armoire, were primed, and then painted with a cream paint. The furniture was painted white. 

This photo was taken after the room and furniture had been painted. This rocking chair was a family piece that we painted for the room. 

The love seat below came from her living room. It wasn't the size or color we wanted, but we bought a slip cover from to, at least, handle the color issue.

There were a lot of small projects in the room - like painting this lamp, which was the client's grandmother's. 

Here you can see the "after"

You can see it here, in front of the slip-covered love seat. The ottoman, and the drapes, are still in progress.

I don't have a front door "before" photo, but this is what it looked like after all the dark wood paneling had been primed. It gives you an idea of the change.

For the hallway, we painted the walls, painted the chandelier, and changed out some of the green crystals (see photo below) with icicle crystals. 

The decor for the walls are window frames with mirrors in them. The client bought them about 15 years ago, but had never used them. We added matching wreaths, held in place by ribbons. The clock in the center was a custom mosaic piece, made by my sister, several years ago.

The client has a lovely stain glass panel, that we plan to frame on the inside of the front door to give her privacy.

Here is a close up of the chandelier "after". Painting an old chandelier is easy. Simply take it down; remove all the crystals, and clean them, and the lamp, well. I used vinegar, and then a window cleaner to be sure to remove all oil and dirt. Then spray paint the piece.. I hung it from the chain so I could spray all sides. Once the chandelier is back up, replace the crystals. 

Here is a look at the pink chandelier with the lights on.

Another feature of the room is the purple painted rocking chair. The client saw a painted chair on Pinterest:

Source: via Gayle on Pinterest

After cleaning the chair, we painted it with primer, and then spray painted it the lavender color.

I freehand painted the flower design on the back and the seat. Here are some close up photos of that:

Another project for the room was a shadow box with the client's grandmother's vanity set. I purchased the box at Hobby Lobby. After painting the box white, I added white felt to the back of the box, and then I placed the pieces where I wanted them. With a pencil, I marked spots on each side of the pieces to drill holes, as I would be using zip ties to hold the pieces in place. After drilling the holes, I laid the doilies on the back, placed the vanity pieces, and secured with the zip ties. Then I put the box together, and hung it. 

It is a great conversation piece, and perfect for a shabby chic room used to do nails!

The white painted piece (this was pre-sanding, and doesn't reflect the finished piece) was the client's. It was brown, and we painted it white outside, and Robin's Egg blue inside. It houses all the client's nail supplies for her business, keeping them safe and out of the way when she isn't using them.

After painting the armoire, we added pink striped wrapping paper (purchased on to the back of the upper sections. The client has a large collection of milk glass, and we needed some color so that the white pieces would show up in the space.

That is the room, so far . . . we are still working on drapes, the ottoman, a chair, and some additional storage for the client's nail tools (dryer, lamp, etc.) I also need to get photos of her nail table, which was painted, and collaged, with floral papers.  I can't wait to show you the completed space!

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