Friday, September 14, 2012

Breakfast Nook Reveal

My kitchen is still "in progress", but I finally to the chairs, and the art hung, in my breakfast nook. (please ignore the tin sitting on the floor - that is for a backsplash project - to come!)

I am currently living in my sister's guest house, so it was originally decorated with her "extra" furniture, and art. I wish this photo showed the light - think standard apartment dining chandelier, brass and unimaginative.  So here is the before:

The first thing I did was to change out the chandelier, and add a dresser to the room for additional storage. The red shades (which don't look great in this photo, but are actually quite lovely in person) add warmth, but I didn't use any crystals on the lamp, except the ball at the bottom, as it would have been too fussy for the space. 

The story of this table, which I painted, is found here

I found these "diner" style chairs for under $90.00 (for both!) on, here: Set of 2 Retro Nostalgic Style Black Finish Dining Chairs

As you can see, I added a cabinet on top of the dresser for more space, it is the Elegant Home Fashions Neal Collection Shelved Double-Door Floor Cabinet with Latticed Window Panels, White which sells for under $100. I painted the backing for the cabinet red to help tie in the other colors in the kitchen. 

I really liked the original wall art, but it was just too orange for the reds in the room, and I wanted to do a small wall gallery to take advantage of the raised ceiling on that side of the room. The wall art is all my own computer designs, with a couple of Etsy purchases. The frames are all inexpensive finds from Dollar General.  I also added red cord covers for the chandelier chains. These are easy to make, I show how here.

The only thing I would like to add is a rug under the table, but I've yet to find one I really like. I have a problem because my Great Dane doesn't like to walk on linoleum so I have several throw rugs between the rug in the main part of the kitchen and the back door. I really need to purchase a rug that is wide enough to go under the table, and across the room (to the right) where the dog can walk on it to get to the door. Oh, the things we do for our dogs!

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