Monday, August 27, 2012

Small Projects - Big Impact

I have accumulated a long "to do" list over the last few months - small projects, and a few large one's - for things I want to do.

Earlier, I posted the story of how I painted the shutters on the front of my sister's Guest Cottage. This week, I finally got the door painted. Here is the "before" photo.

Because the door is metal, I had paint mixed to match the shutters in an oil based enamel specifically for metal. The first step is to wash the door down with a deglosser. The great thing about the deglossers on the market now is that you don't have to wash the door after you apply it. Just let it dry, and you are ready to paint.

Next, I went through and taped off all the hardware on the door.

This is after two coats of paint. I started by painting the edges of the door, and the the depressed ridges of the design using a 1.5" brush for oil paint, and then I filled in the rest with a small roller.

After three coats, I had excellent coverage. I did go back in and touch up a couple of spots, but because of the high contrast of the old and new colors, it was easy to see where I was lacking paint as I worked. 

Something I didn't consider when I was painting the door was that because the color is so intense, when the door is opened, it reflects that color throughout the room. Fortunately, the color works in the surrounding rooms, but it is something you should think about before you decide on a color.

To paint the door, I used about 1/4 of a Quart of paint!

The next project is this Ampersand that I purchased at Affair of the Heart in Tulsa. He now has an Etsy shop! Fortunately, the wood cutter I purchased it from had done a good job of wood puttying rough spots, and sanding the piece. I just gave it all a light sanding, and then painted it with this Krylon champagne color.

Here it is in my Living Room.

Another quick project was painting my dog's bowl riser. Because it is plastic, you must make sure it is clean, clean, clean, and then prime it with a paint that is appropriate for plastic. 

Next, I spray painted the riser with Jade spray paint.

Finally, I added dots and lines with a round brush and black DecoArt Patio Paint. To make sure everything stayed in place, I sprayed the entire piece with a clear gloss spray to seal it.

This next project was a bit more time intensive, but not bad at all!

This Pottery Barn cube was given to my by my niece for my living room. I liked it, but it was substantially shorter than my other side table. Rather than purchase a new table, I just ordered bun feet online!

After sanding, I spray painted the feet to match the cube.

To determine placement, I first looked at how close I wanted the feet to sit compared to the edge. As you can see, there is a rubber tip on the bottom of the cube in each corner, so I needed to bring the foot in so that it didn't sit on that tip, as I could not remove it.

Next, I needed to find an appropriate sized tip for the holes. I did this by comparing the tip to the screw at the top of the foot. When I found one about the same size, I used it to drill the holes.

I needed to measure the width of the foot, and the placement of the foot.

Once I had that measurement, I knew where to measure for the placement of the foot.

After drilling the four holes. I sanded around the hole to give some "tooth" to the wood so that the glue would grip it. I used Gorilla Glue around the screw, and along the top of the foot.

Next, I screwed the feet into the holes in the base, and then left the piece for an hour to let the glue dry well.

That's it! I simply flipped the piece over, and it was ready to go!

Here is the final piece. (I have since replaced that lamp, btw!)

So . . .  here is what I am working on now. I purchased three of those paintable foam fake pumpkins you can purchase for decor at places like Wal-mart. 

I wiped all three pumpkins down with a household cleaner, and after they dried, I painted them with white paint. 

It uses quite a bit of paint to get good coverage. I think, if I was to do more, I would use Kilz. 

Stay tuned to see what I will be doing with the pumpkins!

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