Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Favorite Art / Craft Room

In every house I've lived in since I discovered painting in 1994, I've had a dedicated "craft" space. I thought I'd share photos of my favorite space. It was in my house in Shawnee, Oklahoma. 

This is the entry to the room. It was just off the kitchen. (Don't ask, it is a quirky little house built in the 1920's. I suspect that this was originally a breakfast room.) On the plus side, because I paint, I always like to have a sink nearby, so the placement was actually great for me!

At the time, my favorite color was orange. I had just moved to Oklahoma, and I didn't understand that orange has a psychological significance for the OU / OSU fans in the area. As a result, people either loved the room or HATED IT!

My sister painted the room for me! Is she great, or what? It had been painted navy blue as the previous owners used it for a little boy's room. My sister also put those shelves up all the way around the room, and above my desks. Since then, she has taught me how to do it for myself, but this was the beginning of my love affair with shelving!

The rack that you see with all the paper hanging from it is a wall drying rack for clothing. It pulls out from the wall, and made a great way for me to easily find paper when I needed it.

With the door closed, you can see that I hung a rack meant to be used on a door on the space behind the door. I did this because I wanted to store bottles on it that would have been way too heavy for a door. It held all of my painting mediums.

I painted this armoire several years ago for my art room, and I've used it in there ever since. I holds all my wood and "surface" supplies. As you can see, I used the shelving around the room to hold many of my art projects, along with some favorite art pieces I've acquired over the years.

I placed two small tables on either side of a 6' table perpendicular to it to divide the two spaces. I used one side for my paper crafting, and the other (right side) for my painting supplies.

This is the left side desk space. You can see that I used every bit of space, including under the tables, for storage. The shelves underneath this table held my stamping supplies and the file bin next to it held my ephemera collection.

The right side of the room was my painting area. As you can see, I have a spinner rack that set on the center table with the paints I used the most. Bins on the shelves above held specialty paints.

The bookcase behind the center table held all of my art reference books, along with extra brushes, etc.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own craft space!

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  1. I'm in the process of designing a crafting area. Right now have been using my potting bench, but I'm running out of room and come winter I won't be able to work out there!
    So, your post is a great idea base for me! Lots of great inspiration, but wow you have a lot of paint!
    Your room is awesome, and I love the colour.
    Saw you linking at Jennifer's Creative Friday.
    Debbie :)


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