Saturday, August 18, 2012

Front Porch - in progress

As I have mentioned in the past, I'm staying at my sister's guesthouse, and she has recently added a front porch area, along with a walkway to the porch from the gravel parking area next to it.

I decided that the place could do with a punch of color, so I decided to add some accessories, and paint the shutters. This is where it is so far . . . 

Here is the progress . . 

This is what the house looked like shortly after I moved in. 

The builders ripped out the stairs, and built frames for the cement patio, and a few days later added the frame for the walkway.

Here is the patio in pieces waiting for the cement to cure fully, so they could do the build out.

This is what it looked like after the patio was put up. As you can see, I added a rug from The planters (both sets) are from the Country Door catalog. (As are the chair / ottoman sets.)

Here is another angle. You will see more about the walkway later! It is still in progress. 

Once I removed the shutters, which were affixed with simple hex bolts, I saw that they were lightweight plastic, with a hollow interior.

Painting plastic can be tricky . . . but you can do it as long as you do some basic steps. First, wash them. Then use a primer that is specifically for use on plastic!! That is crucial.

I've shown my painting table before, but isn't it great? It is a metal table frame with the top removed and replaced by chicken wire. My sister made it, and I commandeered it!

Here is what the shutters looked like after one thin coat of primer. I added a second coat, allowing both to dry well before moving on to the color.

The shutter on the right has primer and one coat of color. The shutter on the right has the second coat of color on it.

Once the shutters were dry, I put them back up in the same holes from which I removed them.

Here is s side by side of the before and after with the shutters. (Notice that I also added a second rug.)

Here are the shutters from another angle. Note that I hadn't put the final set of shutters up yet, so you can see what the house looks like without them.

It was interesting that what I noticed first when I put the shutters up was that the planters on either side of the door just blended into the house color. See below.

See what I mean?

So, I took them out and spray painted them. I first added some spots of the same Jade blue that I used for the shutters.

Then I applied two coats of black over it. Afterwards, I sanded lightly in the areas where I had painted the blue.

And here are the planters after being painted black. Much better, don't you think??

The little lamp on the table is temporary . . . in fact, I've already replaced it with a different temporary lamp (I know, crazy!) I have a chandelier on order . . . and I will be hanging that soon!

This is a $5.00 shade from Dollar General.

I started adding swirls with a permanent marker, but I found that the ink spread and looked fuzzy, so I switched to a paint pen.

Swirl patterns are quite easy. Simply start the swirl in one direction, and then the next swirl goes off to the next direction.

Using Tacky Glue, and a black seam binding, I added trim to the top and bottom edges.

And that's it! A quick way to update a plain, inexpensive shade! I added a coat of clear matte spray paint to seal the paint, and keep it from fading outside.

Up next . . . I will be adding black and white striped curtains to the patio, along with the chandelier I have already mentioned. I have also added black mats to the steps, and 

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  1. I love it!!!! Your color choices were perfect and I love the arrangement of the rugs.
    Joan McElroy

  2. What a nice space to enjoy out of the hot sun! Nothing like a great porch. And you KNOW I love those shutters :)))

  3. Wow! This looks great! Thanks for linking up on Classy Clutter!!!

    xoxo, Mallory


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