Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Online Shopping - Etsy Addict

I admit that I am something of an online shop-a-holic. I enjoy online shopping far more than in-person shopping, in fact. Among my favorite spots to get one of a kind pieces is Etsy. So, on that theme, I thought I'd show you a few of my recent favorites!


Since I became the proud "dog mom" of a Great Dane, I find myself loving all things Dane related. Although this print isn't of a Merle Dane, I still think it is a wonderful piece! (It's also on sale right now!)

Oh wait, do you want to see my beautiful Dane? (You know you do!) Here is Tallulah!

Yes, she is sitting in a Golf Cart. It's hot. Don't judge. Now, back to the Etsy porn . . .

I love the color and texture of this heart! The coolest part to me, is that it is made from reclaimed wood - and the paint colors are original to the wood. 

I love typography, and Oklahoma has become my beloved adopted state - so this piece would be perfect in my home! The writing is actually the counties in the state. So very cool!

I have a soft spot in my heart for all things kitsch, and I especially love Airstreams trailers! This artist features several (it's hard to choose a favorite!). I'd like to get the series and frame them in my kitchen!

Bracelet - plus - photos of doors?? Yes, please!!! Actually, I love everything in this artist's shop! I think she is originally from Bartlesville, OK - a town that I leeerrvvveee. 

Speaking of fabulous bracelets . . . Do you watch Junk Gypsy's on HGTV? (If you haven't, RUN to your DVR and record. You'll thank me later.) Well, one of the JG wears these crazy big leather bracelets and I've become mildly obsessed with spotting their jewelry while watching the show. This bracelet reminds me of the chunky fabulousness I love. (My spell check doesn't think fabulousness is a word. Clearly, my spell check is wrong.) Check out this artist's work. Love it.

This is a photo of Amie from the Junk Gypsy's rocking a huge bracelet. Love. Love. Love. It.

I really want this ampersand sign for my living room. It is apropos of nothing, but I just think it is so stinkin' cool!

In my "favorites list", I would say that close to 70% of the items are Art Deco pieces. I'm always looking for Art Deco pieces for the house, but I'm probably most drawn to Art Deco jewelry. 

Hope you all have a great week!

Lifestyle Blog: Jewelry & Accessories Organization

I love accessories - and I have many. Some are new, some are vintage, and many are family heirlooms passed down to me through my Grandmothers. The biggest challenge I face is organizing them so that I can find them when I'm putting together an outfit. When you have a lot of anything, it is easy to forget what you have if you cannot easily see your choices.

Recently, I have implemented the best system I've found so far to organize my accessories. Here is what I am using:

Earrings: I have so many wonderful earrings that I've found the best way to organize them is put my current favorites, and earrings I wear often in a small jewelry box on my dresser. This box has individual dividers so I can sort the earrings by category (silver/gold, type of stone, etc.).

I then use a series of boxes with dividers to sort other earrings by type. You can see that I have two boxes (below) labeled silver and gold earrings.

Here is a look inside the silver box. You can see that I can instantly see the earrings (the box has a window in the lid), and it makes finding what I'm looking for quick and easy. I should note that I only display costume and semi-precious jewelry this way. I have a few good jewelry pieces from my family, but these are kept in a safe since I rarely wear them.

Below you can see the boxes on a shelf that sits just above my dresser. Next to the earring boxes are three red boxes, and an plastic box on top. The box on top holds all my hoop earrings. Below that are boxes for bracelets, watches, and brooches.

To the right of those boxes (above) are three ring trays. You can see an example of one below. I sort my rings by the color of the stones, as well as by silver/gold.

All of the boxes and containers were purchased online at Amazon.com. The other boxes on the top shelf hold miscellaneous jewelry, findings, shoe clips, etc. The large boxes on the top hold make up sponges, etc. The rest of the shelf (to the left) is devoted to make up storage.

My necklaces are stored on a cork board (purchased at Kirklands for $19.99).  I use simple pins to hang the necklaces so that I can see what I have.

During summer, I like to wear fabric headbands to hold my hair back when I'm working. (I'm a photographer, and I work outside in the heat.) My headbands are hanging from a small piece of wire shelving, that I have suspended between two of the brackets that hold up the shelf above.

I have used two three bracket coat hook hangers to display my scarves. Yes, I love my scarves! I have used the plastic rings that retailers use to hang scarves to hang the scarves from the hooks, and they are separated by color.

Finally, I have two acrylic nail polish racks (also purchased from Amazon.com) to organize my nail polish. Being able to see what I have, and having them sorted by color, makes finding what I want to use a breeze!

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your own closet organization!