Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Living Room Redo

Last October, I moved to a guest house on my sister's property, after my Brother-in-law passed away unexpectedly. Prior to my moving in, it had been used as a guest house (hence the name), and had been decorated for family visits. Since that time, I have been decorating it with a combination of my things, and things that were already in the house. Here are some photos from the before / after.



I used the same coffee table and side table in the room, but I painted them cream to brighten up the room. In previous posts, I have shown painting the lamps, and creating the lamp shades. Both chairs, and the rug, came from Overstock.com. The couch/daybed is from Ballard Designs in weathered white.

For the sake of truth . . . this is what the couch usually looks like. Jake and Talullah think it belongs to them.

This house doesn't really have an "entry", but I wanted to create a space where visitors could hang coats . . . 

The monogram piece is from this shop on Etsy. I simply spray-painted it Robin's Egg Blue, and tied a ribbon to it. I originally bought it for my door, but I found that I like it hanging there!

The suitcase on the bottom holds all my candles, and tarts. (Love me some Scentsy!) I bought an old gray suitcase on eBay and spray painted it the same color as the  monogram. I added the chandelier and swirl designs using white vinyl and my Silhouette Cameo. I have a love/hate relationship with the Cameo, as I find that  it often doesn't cut the piece all the way through, or the piece becomes skewed while I'm cutting. I am sure that is is user error, but I've yet to find the answer to my issues. The worst part, is that you have to ruin so much vinyl while trying to figure it all out!

This shows the hardware on the suitcase taped off for painting. Just remove the tape once the paint is dry, and that's it!

If you look at the mantel on the original photo, you will see that I've kept the cross and the center candle holder from the original house. I have actually painted the candle holder cream since this photo was taken. I have flameless candles on timers to come on in the evening. I'm surprised how much I enjoy those flameless candles!

You might recognize the wreath from this post.

This is the before on the wall with the TV . . .

And here is the after . . . 

This wall has been a challenge . . . and I'm not sure I'm done . . .but here is how it came together so far . . .

Originally, I purchased the fireplace for the wall, but as I was ordering, I got confused and ordered the wrong one. (This is what happens when you decide to order something at 3 AM.) It was clearly way too small for the wall, and for the TV. This wall is very narrow, so I didn't have a lot of room to work with. At this angle, the pieces on the end look wider than the wall, but actually they line up perfectly.

The two towers on the outside were white linen towers (meant for a bathroom), that I found on Amazon for less than $100 each. Because they were white, I had to paint them cream to match the fireplace, but since they came unassembled, it was easy to do. You can see, if you look carefully, that I painted the back of the bottom cabinet the same Robin's Egg blue color that I've used on other pieces in the room.
I found the dress picture at Kirklands in OKC. Because the room has cathedral ceilings on that side, I am thinking about adding more art to draw the eye up the wall.

The only wall I have yet to redo is this one . . . This rolltop table came in the house, and I've not moved it.

I recently found these wings, and I'm thinking about centering the roll-top on the wall and using the wings over it . .. stay tuned for more on that! 

 Sorry I've been MIA lately. The good news is that I have lots of new things to share!


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  1. Looks great! I wish I had your design skills.

  2. Gorgeous! Loving the cream and robin's egg blue combination! You do have quite the touch :)

  3. Great transformation! I just love the colors you chose. I saw your feature on F.M.F.P.T.Y.


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