Thursday, April 26, 2012

Science Diet Grain Free Dog Food

I am part of the Buzz Agent program, and from time to time I'm offered products to try. I don't think any product has excited me as much as the Science Diet Grain Free Dog Food!

As the owner of three rescue dogs (two "mutts" and a Great Dane), I am aware that they face unique health challenges. As a result, I try to make sure that I feed them healthy food that they still find yummy. As they age, I have been made aware that grain in dog food can become a problem for them, as it is not something that would be in their diet in the wild, so it is not natural to them.

The challenge for me, however, is that grain free dog foods on the market tend to blow out my budget. In a perfect world, I would have unlimited funds for my dogs, but in this one . . . I have to be price conscience. After trying the food, and finding the dogs liked it, I was especially delighted to find that the price point is comparable to other Science Diet foods! Win!

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  1. That's interesting. I didn't even think about the fact that grain in their food would not benefit them because it's not naturally in their diet. I am going to check out my cat's food now too, because I don't think they'd be eating grain in the wild either ;)



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