Monday, March 5, 2012

Master Bedroom Corner

As I mentioned yesterday, I had been looking for a new table and lamp for my master bedroom . . . and here it is!

This is the "before" below.

And here is what the tables looked like "before". I bought the chairs for $35 for the two tables on sale at Hobby Lobby. The rose design in the tables was what really caught my attention, but the pink wasn't do it for me!

The tables had a high gloss finish, so I needed to prime them before I could paint them. My sister and I have this old table that is covered with chicken wire that we use for painting. The chicken wire is thin, so you can paint on it, and the air gets to it on all sides, and doesn't mar the paint.

The chicken wire is just tied onto the table with more wire, so it is easy to replace. This old table frame is metal, so it is heavy. It gets windy in Oklahoma, so the weight is a plus! Your table won't blow over while you paint!

You can see some of my kitchen items below being painted. Simple idea, but it makes painting so much easier!

Back to my crazy pink tables. I first primed my tables. The strange colors here are  because I started with one primer, and ran out, so I used both a dark and a light primer on this table. (See my helpers in the background.)

And here it is the larger table was painted black. You can see the original bright pink table in the background (with a Sonic drink on it that is almost as tall as the table itself!)

And here is the smaller table primed and painted in white.

I love the finished tables together! (This photo was taken in the kitchen. Bandit - who is a Border Collie / Aus Shepherd mix - knows she looks good next to them.)

And here are some photos in the room. The lamp shade is actually black, with a gold liner. It just photographed that strange color when the light was on.

Here it is with the light off. It was a Hobby Lobby sale purchase. Love those 40% off coupons!

Here is a close up of the rose design. Adorable, isn't it?

I am on the hunt for a rug for this corner . . . or perhaps a runner for in front of the chair - which would run along the end of my bed. Stay tuned for that update soon (I hope!)




  1. Great tables. Love your painting table!


  2. Very cute great job ! Have a good day !

  3. I just bought those from Hobby Lobby!!!! yayay

  4. love them! I love the painting table too. heheh :)

  5. They look so cute! And I think I need a painting table too!

  6. I love all the details! Nice work!

    Thanks for linking it up @ Creatively Living!

  7. I would love to set up a master bedroom corner, but I know it would just be a place to collect piles of clothes. I love the look of yours.


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