Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Funky Kitchen Refrigerator Art - How To

As I've mentioned before, I'm staying in the guest house on my sister's ranch for a while due to a family emergency. This is the kitchen . . . which I plan on giving an update with some paint in Spring. Since I can't change out the refrigerator, I decided to update the refrigerator with some vinyl cutouts.

I purchased the cutouts on eBay for $13.99 each, so it was a super cheap update!

Ultimately, the kitchen will have white cabinets, with black and white prints, and red and turquoise accents.

Here is the before photo of the refrigerator.

After giving it a good cleaning . . .

The vinyl transfers come with paper on both sides. You pull back the paper side, so you are left with the see-through transfer paper side with the design on it. The see-through part enables you to lay out the design where you want it.

I started the layout of the designs. On the lower door, I used some extra chain links to be able to place the chandelier lower on the door. .

 After peeling back the paper backer, you place the design where you want it. Use the paper to smooth the design in place

Once it is smoothed onto the surface, you peel back the paper on a 45 degree angle.

Sometimes when you peel back the paper from the backer, a piece will stay on the backing.

Simply smooth it back in place and then peel back again until the entire design is in place.

Then place the design on the surface and smooth the design in place to make sure the design is adhered where you want it.

You will be able to see that it is adhered because it will peel back slightly from the paper. When you begin to peel the backer off, you will be able to hear a slight difference in the sound if the design is still stuck to the paper.

I applied both designs to the surface, making sure both were adhered well, and then peeled off the backers.

Keep in mind that you will bet the least lifting of the design, keep pulling the backer away on an angle. 

And here it is finished!

I am super excited to  . . . after I purchased these designs, my sister bought this Silhouette Cameo unit . . . and she gave it to me to learn to use . . . there are perks to being the family geek!

It was quite easy to learn . . . and within minutes, I'd cut out this design for my sister's mailbox. I'm so excited to pick up some new vinyl and other surfaces to cut!!

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  1. Great idea! I can't do my fridge b/c it is stainless steel....but I could do my washer and dryer! Now I just have to sell the idea to my husband.:-)

  2. Now that is very cool! I didn't know you could put a decal on a rough surface and have it come out so nice! Following you now via GFC and saw you at Lolly Janes.

  3. I hope everything is ok with your family now. I love the fridge update! Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. I'm following you via Linky now. :)

  4. What a great idea! Back, when my hubby and I were young and just starting out (eek! that was a long time ago!) we inherited my folks old fridge for our first home. I was into stenciling back then and stenciled black and white cows walking across the front of it! It was such fun and looked really funky! Thanks for sharing this great idea! Found you through the DIY Project Parade! Hope you'll visit me at the Little Shack on the Hill!

  5. Cute! Cute! Cute! What a great idea! Never thought of using transfers for the fridge! The possibilities are endless but I love the chandelier! Great job!
    PS Come share at my place on Wednesday if you can!

  6. That looks wonderful! what a great idea!


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