Monday, March 5, 2012

Catching Up

I've been so busy the past week that I haven't had time to post what I've been up to recently! I have been working on projects around the house, and did a bit of shopping. Here are some photos . . . look for tutorials to follow!

My sister and I went to Hobby Lobby, and I found some amazing deals on items I had been wanting. The first was this lamp for my bedroom. I have a chair in the room that was needing a new lamp and table. My bedroom is black and white with sapphire and teal green accents. I love this black lamp, with a black silk shade, and lots of bling.

These two tables were on sale. Although the color was wrong for the toom, I love the rose details on the table top. I also like using two tables together rather than one larger table. I'll be showing you that finished corner tomorrow.

I also picked up this adorable paper parasol to use as a prop for my portrait photography business. Isn't it cute?

My sister found this adorable little chandelier piece.

You can see where I used it below. This is my tiny master bathroom, and it has nearly floor to ceiling chandelier themed art on the walls. This piece filled that blank spot at the top. Love it!

I have several projects in mind for letters. I found both letter and chipboard letters at Hobby Lobby.

My kitchen is getting a makeover. The cabinets will be painted white, and the colors in the room are black/white, turquoise and red. I have red in the room, but I'm slowly adding turquoise.

I had been looking for a pot to use to hold my kitchen utensils. I couldn't find one that was the right olor, but I found this little canister. The top (put a bird on it!) is so cute, I will find somewhere else to use it. In the mean time, the bottom is perfect for my kitchen.

I also picked up these drawer pulls to use on my new kitchen island.

Do you hate boob lights as much as do I? Hate. Them. 

This lamp shade is going to be part of the makeover for the boob light in my closet room. Watch for the makeover!

I painted this wood cross black for a project for my sister . . . reveal tomorrow!

And, finally . . . this is the wreath form I bought to make a coffee filter wreath. Yes, I know, everyone has done one, but I really love the look, and think it will be fun to have one in the house.

So . . . that's a sneak peek into some of my house projects that I have been doing in between actual work projects. I'll be posting some reveals tomorrow! Stay tuned!


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