Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's Happening With the Office Makeover?

I'm excited to share a couple of sneak peeks on my home office for Tera Leigh Photography! I'm getting closer and closer to the final reveal!

Remember this list?

Here is my starting to-do list:
  • Paint the mats on all my photos
  • Find a chair to makeover, paint and silver leaf chair, reupholster
  • Rearrange furniture
  • Move small bookcase out (using it for another project)
  • Install chandelier (Score! My sister had two she isn't using, so one will go in my office, and the other into my kitchen . . . more on that later!)
  • Paint storage boxes
  • Line the back of the bookcases with damask paper.
  • Rehang client photos
  • Put together new bookcases, install over desk and cabinet
Woot! Yes, of my original list, only one item remains! My new rug is on it's way (which I got on sale, and then had a coupon to get a further discount . . . LOVE it when that happens!)

So, here are a couple of sneak peek images . . . you can see that the chandelier is now up! I had originally planned to go with black and white striped chandelier shades, but it made the room too dark, so instead, I've gone with silver beaded shades that were originally mine, but then went to my sister for a while, and now have come back to me!

Yes! The photos are now up on the walls! I will be posting my "how to" on putting the photos up - without any brown paper or layout plan. I also sewed a cover for the chandelier chain, and a tutorial will be following on that as well. 

Just a couple more items before I will post the final reveal; the new chair - which I have yet to find - as well as the new rug. I'm thrilled with the way it is coming along! The corner in the lower photo is where the chair will go. 

What do you think?

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  1. cute...and organized! i love the chandelier...and is doable b/c you use a chain. :) new follower here from Sunday Social...visit me back if you'd like.


    P.S...I host a link-up on Sundays to share random pics from your day...would love to have you join! :)


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