Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SylSyl: Custom Clutches - my new polka dot perfection clutch!

Last week, Jennifer at Diary of a Working Mom  (awesome blog, even if you aren't a mom!) notified me that I had won her giveaway for a a free clutch or wristlet from SylSyl on Etsy.

Yeah baby! I was so excited because I have been wanting a cute little clutch for holding my keys, phone, etc. when I go out in the evening. I chose the

Abby Clutch / Wristlet with Poppy in an adorable black and white polka dot print with little daisies here and there in red. 

Less than a week later, my prize arrived on my doorstep! I'm just thrilled with it! Not only is the bag gorgeous on the outside, but it is lined with a gorgeous teal satin-like fabric that contrasts perfectly with the red poppy! It is beautifully made, and feels sturdy. It has a solid construction that helps it hold it's shape, rather than take on all the bulges from my various goodies I stuff inside it.

As a bonus, the poppy is on a pin that can come off, so I can use it on other things, and if I want to use the clutch in my handbag, I don't have to worry about damaging the flower!

I'm thrilled with the bag, and can't wait to use it! My thanks to Jennifer and Sylvia for the giveaway, and for sharing their creative talents with me! 

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