Monday, February 27, 2012

Jake and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Skunk

Poor Jake. He loves other animals. But, he is a city dog who has been moved to the country, so I expect he was very surprised when he rushed up to see the cute kitty and it sprayed him!

This happened after the dogs asked to be let out at 5:30 AM. Have I mentioned that I am not a morning person? I went to bed about 2 AM, so I was really not a happy camper at 5:30 AM. And, he rushed past me, went right into my bed, and began wiping his eyes on my pillow.

Yeah. Not the best start to the day!

So . . . I thought I'd share with you my experiments in getting rid of the skunk smell. After going online, I found that tomato juice doesn't really work well as it just masks the smell. That was fine with me as I didn't have any tomato juice handy.

I guess at different times of year, and depending on their age, skunks have a different smell. My house smelled like rancid garlic and burning rubber. I'm pretty sure that isn't on Sentsy's list of fragrances for this year. I don't recommend it.

Of course, I immediately went to Facebook, and texted my sister and niece. They each brought me a remedy.

This is Jake . . . after many, many baths. He is holding a huge fluffy ball in his mouth. He doesn't have a strange growth coming out of his mouth. It's just coincidence they are the same color.

These are all the products I used trying to get rid of the stink!

You put this on, wait for five minutes, and then wash with shampoo. Didn't work, at all.

You put this on and just allow it to dry on, no washing required. It does lessen the smell, but it has it's own bizarre smell.

After searching online, I found several recipes for getting rid of skunk smell. I went with 1/4 cup of baking soda, 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide, and a small dollop of doggy shampoo. 

<insert Hallelujah Chorus here>

This actually worked better than everything. He is 99% skunk smell free, and I think the remaining smell just where I think I was too cautious in applying it around his face. (I didn't want to get peroxide in his eyes.)

The baking soda doesn't dilute easily, so you don't want to make this in one big batch. Mix small batches of it, so you can really dilute the baking soda into the peroxide mix. 

You just apply it, let it sit five minutes (while trying to convince your dog that he really needs too just stand in the bathtub for a while), and then wash it out with more doggy shampoo.

My dogs both HATE being bathed. Jake, who is about 80 lbs, shakes like I am trying to skin him alive any time I put anything liquid on him. Putting him in the bathtub is something akin to torture (for both of us). He survives, looking and smelling wonderful, and I leave limping smelling like a wet dog.

I'm sure that now that we live out in the country, this won't be our last encounter with a skunk. I will be keeping this little recipe handy. Unfortunately, hydrogen peroxide does not "keep" for long periods, so you really need to buy it fresh to get the best result!


  1. Oh what a wake up call ! Been there done that with a skunked dog ! I use cornstarched based products it takes the stink out right away mind you ya still have to bath them after it can dry out thie skin ! Good luck and have a good day !

  2. My mom's dog Jack ran into that same terrible horrible no good skunk when we were all home for Thanksgiving! My eyes were burning so bad! We used the peroxide and baking soda and dish soap recipe too and it worked fairly well. On rainy days you may still smell that no good skunk!

  3. poor Jake. Thanks for your comments on my furniture makeover from the blog hop. How did you get your google adsense ad to show below your post? Kathy, Petticoat Junktion

  4. What an adventure! I'm glad I didn't have to give a big dog a bath..I tried to give our cat a bath and that was an experience I do not want to have ever again!How on earth did you keep him still!? I still have scratch marks on my arms! :O) hope tommorow is better!

  5. Wow! That would be a really bad start to the day. I live in the country and have never had any of my dogs get sprayed. And I know we have skunks around here...I eliminated a mom and dad and 10 babies one summer. They had taken up residence under one of the sheds about 15 feet from the back door. That shed has since been moved to the other side of the garage. Glad to find out what works and what doesn't.


  6. I am always worried Ollie my chocolate lab will get into it with a skunk...yuck thanks for sharing the recipe I will have to make a mental note in case it ever happens...which I hope it does not!

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  8. Oh my how horrible! I am glad you found a solution and all natural at that! my father always said to wash the dog in tomatoe juice if they are ever sprayed by a skunk but we have yet to have a chance to try it out, hopefully we won't! You have gained a new follower! Have a fantastic week!

  9. Stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to show you some blog luv! def enjoyed this post :)

  10. What a sweet face!! Despite needing a new pillow, I don't see how you could possibly be upset with that face! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog I'm excited to be a new follower of yours!


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