Monday, February 13, 2012

February Blissmo Box!

From the Blissmo web site, "Think of blissmobox as a wine club of sorts, except instead of sampling Pinot Noirs every month, you're discovering exceptional organic & eco-friendly products that are safer & better than conventional alternatives. Every month you'll get to select from a set of curated, limited-quantity box options. Trust us to choose for you? We'll auto-select the box we think you'll like most. Don't like the options that month? Skip the month or send to a friend."

Yes, once again, I'm sharing one of my monthly subscription services. Each month, you get a crazy fun selection of products. Usually, you get a choice of three "theme" boxes. My personal favorites are cosmetics and/or bath products. This month, I chose the "Rise and Shine Foods" package, because there wasn't an option for beauty. 

Here is the box as I opened it. Love that feeling of excitement!

And here is all it contained. Quite a selection for $19 a month!! Below, I'll show you the goodies up close.

Crofter's Premium Spread - organic Strawberry. It is Gluten-free, free of corn syrup, and USDA certified organic.

Hey Shuga! is also certified USDA organic, and is GMO free, with no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. It is 100% organic pure cane syrup.

Camela's Products Baking and Pancake mix. Gluten & Wheat free. 

Nature's Path Organic Love Crunch Granola (Apple Cynamin). It is USDA certified organic, and contains no GMO's or corn syrup.

This is the only product that is lost on me, as I don't drink coffee. (It is too grown-up a drink for me!) It is certified USDA Organic, and fair trade. I was sent decafinated whole bean coffee.

Of all the companies I subscribe to for new products, I have probably found the most that I have continued to purchase from Blissmo. It is an excellent value for the price, and they genuinely look for products that meet their customer's desire for organic and eco-friendly products.


  1. Thanks so much for the follow, following you too! I've always wanted to try Blissmo, maybe I'll give it a try! Great blog, btw!

  2. Hmm, I've never heard of anything like this. Looks like something I'd love to sign up for.

  3. This looks like an exciting package for just $19...even if you don't drink the coffee I guess you can give it to someone as a gift or (if you work) take to office for staff to enjoy. Thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog! What a great blog you have here!

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    hope you'll stop by again soon!


  6. What a wonderful idea that is. would love if something like this existed in Namibia, but the market here is too small.
    thanks for visiting my blog and for following, of course i follow back :-)

  7. Following you back, thanks for visiting!

    Hilary @

  8. Great blog! I am your newest linky follower. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and following! :-) -Lisa

  9. Hi Tera,
    We are so happy you love your box and we can help you find some of your favorite organic products! Thank you for your kind words and look forward to sending you another box!

    --The Blissmo Team

    1. Hey Shuga! yo are smart in showing interest in organic products! not only it is good for you, but also for the environment and for the hard working people that put their passion in every product that comes the shelves!
      I hope you enjoy our Cane Syrup! you can use it to sweeten any hot or cold drinks, as a syrup for pancakes, to toss it over fresh fruit... even to cook and bake! for recipes you can go to our facebook page HeyandLinlShuga or to our website:

      Warm hugs!

      The Hey Shuga team


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