Thursday, February 9, 2012

25 Things

This week, I'm participating in the 25 Things Linky Party. Each of the participants, along with the fabulous host, Shaunna at the Perfectly Imperfect Blog, provides 25 random facts about themselves. I love reading this sort of thing, so I thought I'd jump in and share.

1. I only have one thing left to do for my office to be finished; find a chair to refinish . . . and, no luck! Arg! I could just buy one from, as there are several really cute ones that would look great in here, but I'm determined to refinish one for the room. To that end, I bought the fabric for it (a fabulous turquoise damask print) . . . and still, no chair. I'm not giving up!

2. I've been having migraines, and the medication makes me very sleepy. I'm a night owl by nature, but my sleep patterns are completely upside down right now. I end up napping during the day, and then being up until 5 AM. Hate. It.

3. My sweet sister just bought me a brand new kitchen island on wheels for my kitchen. I was going to repurpose an antique dresser as an island, but now I just have to put the new one together, and it gives me more storage.

4. Painting the kitchen cabinets is my next big project, but that has to wait until the office is done.

5. I'm a list maker. I have a list for work, and then another list for the house, etc. Then, each night I make a "to do" list for the day - choosing five items off my large to do lists. If I get those done, then I go to the big to do lists for new items. Starting the day with only five items on my to do list makes it feel "doable", and I get way more done than when I look at the master lists and see all that I want/need to accomplish.

6. I love my labeler, but I hate actually using it. It takes so much time to type out each label, then print it, and peel the backing, and then clear the label maker and start all over again. I know I'm just a big baby whiner, but I find it so very boring! Still, I love it when it is done!

7. I'm horrible about returning phone calls. I'd so much rather deal with email that I can answer when things are quiet and I can really think about my answer.

8. I never answer the phone if the caller ID says "unknown". If it is "unknown", they can leave a message, because to me, "unknown" makes me wonder what they are hiding. Since most of the time the "unknown" callers don't leave a message, I figure they were calling to sell me something!

9. I really want another tattoo, and I know what it will be of (no, I'm not sharing), but I've yet to draw it the way I want it, or find someone else to draw it, so I've not had it done. Someday, though . . .

10.  I haven't gone out on a date in over two years. Sad, but true.

11. I really want to adopt a rescue Great Dane, and I often look at local shelter web sites hoping that I'll find one! I have had three dogs since 2004, and it is so strange to me to just have two now.

12. We have had such a mild winter in Oklahoma, that I'm actively praying for a big snow storm. I really want one big snow storm that shuts everything down for a couple of days before Spring officially arrives.

13. I really don't understand people who hate snow, especially not in Oklahoma where we don't get much of it. I spent one year in Maine, and that was a long winter. I still loved it, but I was really ready for blue skies when Spring came around.

14. My sister and I love going to Affair of the Heart - a big sales event in OKC and Tulsa, each year. It is part of our calendar, like Christmas and New Years. Recently, we've added going to the Tulsa Flea Market to that "must do" list.

15. I have visited 23 countries and four continents. I LOVE to travel! So far, I've visited 33 states in the US.

16. Most of my traveling has been alone. I'd love to find someone to travel with, who loves it as I do. Even just weekend jaunts to discover local gems make me happy!

17. Because my sewing machine is in storage (with the rest of my belongings), I purchased an inexpensive Singer Pixie craft sewing machine. I am really impressed with it . . . the only thing is that it is slow. I wouldn't want to make an entire dress with it, but it is just fine for home decor projects. I worked like a champ sewing through velcro for my Chandelier Cord Cover project!

18. I have a friend from California who comes to Oklahoma for business a couple times a year. I love it because it gives me an excuse to go out to some fine dining (he is a foodie), and dress up a bit. I love my friends in Oklahoma, but they are very different from my CA friends, so it is lovely when those friends come visit and I get the best of both worlds.

19.  If I could change anything about my life here, it would be that I'd like to have more friends who like to go out to do things; like go to the city, visit museums, etc.

20.  I'm addicted to Charms Sweet Pops. They are lollipops - kind of like blow pops but without the bubble gum.

21.  I don't have the chocolate gene, and can happily live without it.

22. I own "Burt, the Farting Hippo" (from the NCIS TV show, and was a gift from friends), and "Walter, the Farting Dog". I tell people that I own them because they are great for getting little kids to smile (for my photography biz). That is true, but I really own them because I think they are funny. I also have a "What the Duck" duck in my office, and two Albert Einstein bobblehead dolls. Don't judge.

23. I'm a geek. I got it from my dad. He loved gadgets. I have an iPhone, and iPad, a Kindle, a car GPS, a personal handheld GPS, and two iPods. I think it may be that I have a fear of being bored.

24. My friend that does my nail introduced me to Sally Hansen's Extreme Wear nail polish. It is incredible. It stands up to all my sanding, spray paint, and various DIY projects without any wear.

25.  I never thought of myself as particularly creative growing up. I took my first painting class while I was waiting for my bar exam results (I'm an attorney in California, but my license is on inactive status as I live in Oklahoma) in 1993. I haven't stopped painting since!

It's your turn - what are your 25 things? Go to and link up!


  1. This is very cool:) I love doing these kinds of things! Might have to join in hehe Thanks for following me, I am your newest follower. Glad to be hear, You have a beautiful blog:)

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  4. Wow, 33 states, 23 countries and four continents...that's some major traveling. Following you back!


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    Love your list - I think it's a great idea!

  6. I loved reading things about you. Just watch you will get a date soon.

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    Mary :~)

  9. Totally with you on the phone...I never answer a number I do not know and I'd so much rather text! Even to my mom ;) Following via Linky!

  10. Tera, Girl you cracked me up reading about you! Your admitting that you are a gadget geek afraid of being bored! Why do you need all that stuff??! LOL These crazy hops are fun- we find people we might never meet up with! Thanks for following along! I'll be doing the same. Don't be a stranger to the comments section- I won't! :-) Sue
    p.s. hope you find that chair soon!

  11. Hi Tera, So nice to meet you. Love your blog and your photography is amazing! I'm following you back!

  12. Oh my gosh I'm sooo a list-maker too. Especially when it comes to my blog & the to-do list for around the house. I have lists of "future" projects, and for the blog I have AT MINIMUM at least a month planned out into the future. Right now I'm planned through the end of March! It makes me feel comfortable knowing what's coming up.

    1. I so admire planning a month out on your blog! I'm lucky to have a week planned out at this point! Just another thing for the list!

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  15. so fun to read your 25 things! 7 and 8 are SO me, as well!! and i get migraines, too, but not bad enough to want to take medication yet. i have finally figured out when they are coming and take motrin before i feel any pain and that helps.

  16. fun read! thank you for stopping by. glad you found me! i love snow too, i'm a total list maker lots in common! have a great day! susan

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  28. I'm a big list maker, but not so big on getting the things on my lists done.

  29. I need to try that Extreme Wear nail polish. My polish can barely survive dish washing let along DIY projects. Found you through the Linky Follower blog hop... I'm your newest follower. Come on by for a visit...

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