Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update . . . Progress on the Office

The office makeover is under way . . . remember when it looked like this?

Here is a sneak peek of what has happened so far . . . please forgive the horrible cell phone photos . . . I promise there will be good photos when I do the true "reveal"!

As you can see, the new desk is here, as are the hutches on either side of the window. 

Here is a better look at one of the hutches . . . the current configuration on the shelves is temporary. I will be painting some boxes to add more color, as well as adding some magazine holders, etc.

Here is a close up of the shelves. When I put together the shelves, I added black and white damask wrapping paper to the back panel to add texture an contrast to the all black shelves.

Still to do . . . 
  • Frame the new black and white client prints, and rehang all the images.
  • Put up new curtain rod and hang new turquoise silk drapes.
  • Find a guest chair for the room; paint and reupholster.
  • Paint storage boxes.
  • Organize shelves.
  • Buy rug.
  • Hang black and white bunting. (Waiting for it to be delivered. Isn't it cute?)
  • Organize closet.
More soon!


  1. It is looking great so far! Can't wait for the new pictures and the finished project! What is hanging on the wall on the left side on the second picture? Is it all of your supplies in see through cubbies? Show a picture of that too please! I hope it is as inspiring a place for you to create as you have been for me.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments! The thing hanging on the left is a clear over-the-door shoe holder. I have my office supplies in it. I'll post photos of the room 360 when I get it completed. Promise!

  2. I love your bookcase! So practical and stylish!!

  3. What a great idea, "damask wrapping paper". How did you attach it?

    1. I used spray glue . . . but if I had to do it over again, I think I would just wrap the back board (like a present) before I attached it so it would be easier to remove and/or change out later.


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