Friday, January 20, 2012

This Little Chair of Mine - a Vanity Makeover Project

This chair belonged to my grandmother. I have been using it in my bedroom, but it's last home was in my sister's white shabby chic house. It had been painted white, and the seat had been reupholstered in cream chenille. I needed to bring it into my red and leopard themed closet vanity.

Here is the "before" and "after" photos . . . and below is "how to" . . .

 I started by sanding the chair to remove the varnish, and gloss, and give the chair some tooth to which the paint will stick.

It would have been simple to spray paint the chair, but I wanted to do the project with things that I already owned, and so I used Folk Art Artists' Pigment in Napthol Crimson. Red is notoriously difficult for coverage, but this line has excellent pigmentation and I was able to get full coverage with just two coats, and a few touch-ups.

I used an one-inch flat brush to paint the chair.

This is what it looked like when it was fully painted.

I love to recover old furniture. Removing the old layers is like archaeology, especially when the piece comes from your family. 

This chair was made by Davis Furniture and shipped to El Monte, California, which was where my grandparents lived when I was born.

This was the cover on it from my sister . . .

And the chenille cover on before that . . .

And here is the original cover . . . it is a red tweed. 

Recovering is very simple, and I tend to use a bit more fabric than I need, and then I trim it down.

I like to fold the corners as I staple. I start with the four corners, and thenfold the edges over, stapling parallel sides first. Then trim excess to make sure you get a smooth fold, and staple again. At that point, 

 When you are finished stapling (and be sure to use plenty of staples for a firm hold), simple fasten the seat back to the chair! I already had this fabric from an earlier project, so it literally cost me nothing out of pocket for this makeover! I love it when that happens!  


  1. This is SO fierce! I love it!

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  2. it looks awesome! i love the bold color and fabric with that vintage style! very chic!

  3. Ha! This is awesome!! I love the bold red with the zebra print! It turned out great!!


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