Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Thing about "No"

I've never really understood people who were afraid to take action because of the fear of hearing no. Here's why:

  • Let's say there is something you really want. You really, really want it. Do you have it now? No.
  • So, you ask, or you make an effort in some way to get that thing . . . and for whatever reason, you hear no. So . . . you still don't have that thing. In other words, nothing changed.
  • The word "no", when you hear it, changes nothing. There is no risk when you hear the word "no". You didn't have it before. You don't have it now. Nothing changed. What is scary about that? Why would someone saying "no" to you be scary? You are in exactly the same place you were before you asked.

Yes is the word that creates change! When someone says "yes" to you, and you get what you want, then you have to take action on getting what you wanted. But, somehow, the idea of getting what we want isn't scary, it's thrilling.

So, the next time you are afraid to take action because someone might say "no" to you, just remember; nothing changes if the answer is "no". You are coping right now without that thing, so if the answer is "no", you will be fine. There is no risk in hearing "no", but oh the thrill of getting what you want when you hear "yes"!

So, don't let fear hold you back, because when you get to "yes", and you get the thing you asked for . . . that's when things get exciting!

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