Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lamp Makeover

This 1970's lamp is brass and marble. I liked the design, but it definitely needed a makeover.

I started by giving it a thorough cleaning, and then I used DecoArt No Prep Metal Paint. No prep simply means that you do not need to start with a primer to make the paint stick to the metal. It is a saved step, and I'm all about saving steps!!

Here is what it looked like "before":

After cleaning it, and letting it air dry, I began to paint with DecoArt Metal Paint in Antique Lace using a 1/2" flat brush.

I chose a flat brush in a fairly small size so that I could work the paint into all the nooks and crannies. This paint dries amazingly fast! I put two coats on to get good coverage. 

After the second coat had dried, I used a dry 1" flat brush, and DecoArt No Prep Metal Paint in Bright White. I dry brushed over all the detail on the lamp to bring it out.

Here is what the finished paint looks like. I'm thrilled with it! This will be going into my living room to replace the generic floor lamp that is currently in there. Stay tuned for photos of the lamp in the living room with it's new lamp shade!


  1. Oh, this is so beautiful now. It would even be sweet not as a lamp but an urn.

  2. Thank you, Terry! I follow your blog!

  3. Interesting looking lamp. Antique store find or is it a family heirloom?

    1. It was an old lamp that someone just left behind, so I got it for free!


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